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  1. The Drakecast

    The Drakecast
    The Drake.  Not just for eyes anymore.  Time to let the ears have a little fun too.
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  2. Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day
    Thanks.  Thanks for getting out of bed at sunrise with us on your precious days off.  Thanks for not getting too mad when we broke our rod when we weren't paying attention.  Thanks for untying our wind knots, first when we tangled our flies, then when we tangled yours moments later.  Thanks for eventually making us untie our own wind...
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  3. Mud Puppies

    Mud Puppies
    Hot summer days makes the freaks come out to play.  Here's one holding a giant carp.
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  4. We Peaked!

    From the looks of the canyon gauge, we made it through run off!  Unless other nature has more tricks to play on us, the Poudre peaked at roughly 3500 cfs on Sunday and flows are dropping fast up there.  From here on out, don't leave the house without the foamy dry fly box and don't be scared to start slapping...
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  5. Treat Dad to some Tropic Comfort this Father's Day!

    Treat Dad to some Tropic Comfort this Father's Day!
    With the upcoming heat wave of summer heading our way, staying comfortable on the water during the mid day sunshine means more hours on the water and more fish in the net.  Patagonia's Tropic Comfort hoodie is the perfect light weight fishing shirt that maximizes comfort and sun protection, whether on your favorite bonefish or carp flat, or up in...
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  6. Find your inner bug nerd.

    Check out this awesome stonefly footage. Take your time walking through the willows and look around you carefully while out on the river right now.  Spent shucks are the best way to locate where there may be some adults around.  If you see shucks but no salmonflies, go upstream another mile or so and get out of the car...
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  7. Neature

    Ma Nature doesn't always play nice. Unless you're this spider, who just won the spider lottery.
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  8. Small Mouth and a Big Stomach

    Small Mouth and a Big Stomach
    We may have been catching a few smallies this week.  Yep, juuuust a few...          
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  9. Big Bug Academy

    The river is up and full of life!  Even with fluctuating flows and clarity, we are finding fish in just about every bit of slack water edge we come across.  Due to the continuing salmonfly hatch making its way up the canyon and the cicada encounters, keep plugging with those big dries with a stonefly dropper.  Salmonflies are constantly moving...
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  10. Silver Kings

    Silver Kings
    Just when you think you've seen it all, you're sitting there watching an episode of Silver Kings on your phone and Kevin Sullivan and Olli, who happen to be part of the St. Pete's North Platte guide team, shows up rowing a boat?  Just had to throw this up.  If you haven't watch Silver Kings before, tread lightly.  You'll be...
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