Welcome everyone to July, which brings barbecues, scorching temperatures, forest fires, bugs, and fishing!
Bailey was able to experience many of these things down on the Arkansas in Buena Vista. Rafting down that bony river served as a reminder for the lack of water in the Southern region of our state. Clear flows and exposed rocks made for more technical boating. One large rock was responsible for throwing most of the raft's occupants into the water, and sending the boat practically unmanned through the next run! All this whilst the Weston Pass fire burned just beyond the city. This fire has currently burned 13,000 acres at 17% contained.
In our neck of the woods, we are lucky enough to have plenty of water flowing through the Poudre Canyon. As flows drop, we see more and more  dry fly action and plenty of hatches to keep us all busy and content. The caddis are skittering across the water in the evening and the PMDs float around in the afternoons.
The warm weather gives us an opportunity to practice good fish handling to help them cope with the stress of warmer water temps. It might be wise to head up in the canyon, away from lower town flows on the extra hot, lower flow days. A perfect opportunity to cool off and throw a line in the water. All in all a terrific time of year!