Grant Houx

Grant spends his time both working in the shop full time and guiding on local water and the North Platte River. In the shop his rolls are inventory management, guide coordinator and most importantly relationship building with our customers. As a guide Grant is an integral part of St. Peter’s row team with over a decade of experience on the North Platte from North Gate to Casper. He has spent a significant amount of time traveling the world fly fishing from salt water destinations to Patagonia. In fly fishing, teaching is a driving facet of the sport for Grant. He is a Certified Casting Instructor who enjoys teaching people how to dial in their cast whether it is with a single or double handed rod.

Jin Choi

Since moving to Fort Collins in 1991, Jin has been passionate about learning the local rivers and lakes. Although calling the northern Front Range home, his pursuit of any fish eager to chase a fly has led him to spend seasons in locations stretching from Alaska to the Caribbean. While there are not many things he enjoys more than time on the water, teaching others about flyfishing, fly tying, and entomology are just as rewarding. Even if you are unable to attend any of Jin's classes or arrange a guided trip with him, he is always happy to answer questions or just chat about your latest fishing adventure.

Aaron Alexander

A Northern Colorado native, fly fishing has been a part of Aaron's life since he was given his father’s old fiberglass fly rod at age 12. Armed with his father's traditional fly fishing techniques, an arsenal of stillwater knowledge from his father-in-law, and a new-found love for spey casting and two-handed rods, Aaron is equally at home tossing dries on the Poudre, swinging flies on the Miracle Mile or float tubing the Delaney Buttes with sinking lines and streamers. With unending patience and undying enthusiasm, he truly enjoys sharing the fly fishing life style with everyone...whether it be on the water, in the shop or the local watering hole. When not on the water, he can be found tying last minute bugs for tomorrow's trip, picking the guitar or reading John Gierach's latest work.

Julia Houx

Julia began fishing in the traditional style as a child in Houston, Texas & Galveston bay area. When she moved to Colorado in 2001, Grant, now her husband, introduced her to fly fishing and his passion for it. His passion became contagious as he regularly sported his rod & reel on any journey to the mountains. Julia especially enjoys the dry fly fishing season that Colorado offers. You will find Julia on most days around the shop in our upstairs office.

Caley Smith

Caley grew up in Castle Rock, Colorado and has been fishing for as long as she can remember. Growing up her dad taught her to fly fish around the age of 8 on many of Colorado's headwaters. One of her and her dad's favorite places to fish while she was young were different sections of the South Platte, both in Fairplay, Colorado and the Decker's section to the west of Castle Rock. Ever since traveling abroad to New Zealand for the semester in the Spring of 2015, she has a new found love for traveling to new waters and exploring new types of fly fishing. She hopes to one day become experienced enough to become a guide, and share her love for the sport and lifestyle with anglers far and wide.

Charlie Denatale

Charlie grew up in Connecticut fishing the salt for stripers and bluefish, as well as some offshore species like bluefin tuna. He made the switch to fly fishing after moving out to Colorado in 2014 to attend CSU and is studying to get a degree in Natural Resources Management. He instantly fell in love with fly fishing and spent almost every day on the water or in the shop talking to the St. Pete’s crew, trying to improve his skills. Nowadays you can find him exploring new waters in Colorado and Wyoming, chasing new species, or stalking the banks around town looking for carp and bass.

Ryan Barrick

Ryan grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and spent his early years camping, canoeing, and tossing poppers or clousers to smallmouth bass in the local lakes and ponds. In high school, Ryan began chasing trout in the the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee and North Carolina. Ever since moving to Fort Collins to pursue a Business degree at CSU, Ryan has developed an obsession for exploring water throughout Colorado and Wyoming. His home waters include the Caney Fork, old Hickory Lake, the Elk River, and the South Hoston/ Watauga.  Now his favorites include the Poudre, the North Platte, and the Laramie Plains Lakes.

Jason Small

Jason started chasing trout as a young child in the Midwest before moving to beautiful Colorado over 20 years ago, Jason has pursued his love for fly fishing all over Colorado and New Mexico. He spent 8 years pursuing the elusive trout in the high mountain streams and gold medal waters of southwest Colorado before moving to Fort Collins 5 years ago. Jason now finds his home here on the banks of the Poudre River and many other local watersheds.

A day on the water with Jason is all about having fun and learning the skills to be a great angler. Jason's easy going personality and love for fly fishing is the perfect match for anglers of all skill level.

In his free time, Jason continues his passion for all things fly fishing, including teaching his young daughter Norah how to "spot risers" and tie the perfect fly. When Jason is not on the water he enjoys time with his family in the great outdoors; camping, hiking and enjoying nature.

Gabe Park

Gabe was born and raised in Neenah, Wisconsin and received his degree in Environmental Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His father taught him how to use a spinning rod at an early age, and fishing became a central part of his life ever since. He was 15 when he caught his first native Wisconsin Brook Trout on a fly rod, and he quickly became fascinated with the intricacies of the sport. When he moved to Fort Collins in 2013, he realized he was home when he was no longer the weird guy showing up to the fishing hole with a fly rod. With the help of St. Peters Fly Shop, a few good books, a Colorado gazetteer, and a ton of coffee, he’s spent much of his time perfecting his skills and exploring all of the water that Northern Colorado and the surrounding areas have to offer. When he’s not at the shop talking fishing or at home madly tying flies, you can find him looking for carp tails at the local ponds, searching for risers in high country lakes, or tossing meaty streamers to pike and hungry trout. Gabe is thrilled to be a part of the St. Pete’s crew where he can share his passion for fly fishing with all anglers from new enthusiasts to seasoned pros.

Blaine Lemanski

Blaine spent much of his childhood in Florida hunting and fishing with his grandpa before moving to Fort Collins. While pursuing a degree in Trombone performance at CSU Blaine discovered his passion for fly fishing. Ever since then, if he is not practicing trombone or teaching music lessons, Blaine is likely exploring the local waters, and working to dial in his fly fishing technique. Blaine feels that the practice techniques he learned in music school have greatly helped him in his angling. He is always happy to talk about how to get the most out of the time we set aside to practice our sport.  Blaine considers his home waters to be the Poudre river, and also enjoys fishing the many warm water fisheries in the area for bass.


Meet our shop dog Heron aka Harry, Hare-Bear, Hare-sten. Heron works hard for us, his love for treats from the UPS guys knows no bounds. Heron is quite the little- angler as well, he spends his fishing seasons guiding his mom and dad (Grant and Julia), and he is a natural. He can run for days and occasionally you can find him napping at one of the fly shops.