(Our new favorite fly bins...)

Gone are the days of big juicy Hoppers and hefty caddis hatches. As temps are getting lower and days getting shorter, the Cache la Poudre's insect life is beginning to slow down and get smaller. After you toss a few streamers around, it’s time to get that midge box out and find your 6x tippet. We still see good dry fly action at this time of year but it would be wise to have a few Blue Wing Olives and midges in #18’s-#22’s. The Poudre river is still producing some awesome days, but every day is a little shorter and fishing opportunities become even more important.  Come see us at either St. Peter's Fly Shop Old Town or St. Peter's South and we can help you out with bug selection and rig set-ups for transitioning into the colder months ahead!