Many of us can remember our first high quality dry fly fishing rod. Mine was an original Scott G Rod, of which many years later was upgraded to the "G2." Recently, Scott Fly Rods released a new version of the classic rod with the throw-back name the "G Series." This fly rod family has a number of fantastic lengths and weights, but the largest improvements are in the 905/4 (9’ 5wt) and 904/4(9’ 4wt). Around the shop and my personal favorites consist of the 844/4(8’4” 4wt) and the 884/4(8’4” 4wt) for mountain streams and precise dry fly fishing. Many have asked, how could Scott improve on the G2? The answer is simple: Scott has accomplished this task by creating a medium action rod, one that bends deeply and comfortably, yet recovers quickly and remains stable...which equates to pin-point accuracy and a delicate presentation.

Pick one up, and see for yourself what the new G Series can do!