How to Beat the January Blues

Step 1: Tie Flies

If you are a fly tyer, you already know all about the medicinal value of tying flies when faced with F.W.S. (Fishing Withdrawal Symptoms). Nothing like banging out a dozen droppers, a grip of goldies, or an pile of PMX's to scratch the ever-present itch. If tying  doesn't help subdue the wintry demons, a stiff beverage might do the trick.

Step 2: Watch Fishing Films

This step is key. Youtube is your friend. Vimeo es tu hermano. If I don't watch Musky Why at least 6 times during the work week, I'm liable to slip into a dark, muskless depression by the weekend. Need some ideas? Here are some of our favorites.

"My wife and I were fishing with friend/guide Dean Whaanga in New Zealand when a combination of bad weather and good timing resulted in a fish giving us the experience of a lifetime."

This is one our all time favorite clips at the south shop. We recommend watching this with friends, the noises coming out of your buddies mouths will be just as funny as this video is stunning. If you get tired of watching this one, its time to work on your golf game.


"It's tarpon on fly with Captains Rob Fordyce and Bou Bosso as they compete in the 2013 Golden Fly Tarpon Tournament in Islamorada, Florida."

(There are 5 SEASONS of Silver Kings all available on Youtube... be careful. This is "wake up on the couch disoriented at 2:30AM territory.")

"Eric Jackson and Vantage Cinema present a story about snowboarding, fly-fishing and finding alignment in the mountains."

This one is good for a little winter fishing motivation. If you get a kick out of watching Ejack rip up BC pow lines, even better.


"The Seychelles are an angler’s paradise – if you can actually get to them. Follow the crew of the Alphonse Fishing Co. as they wade the flats of the Cosmoledo Atoll, hoping for a shot at Giant Trevally"

An instant classic from F3T, this one has caused a ruckus in Chuck D's basement more times than I would care to count.


Step 3: Stop Being Soft and Go Fishing

We all know about the horrors of winter fishing; iced up snake guides lead to broken snake guides, fingers that tingle for days, frozen reels that stick or freespool. Nightmare fuel aside, we do happen to live in a place where we still get the option to fish, and there are a lot of folks out there who aren't so lucky. So come by the shop and lets talk winter tailwater fishing!


Fly Fishing Film Tour 2019 Tickets are now available at both shops, which means spring is around the corner. Okay, maybe the corner after that. Come kick of the 19-20 fishing season with us!

We will also be hosting a Films, Flies, and Foam event at New Belgium brewing on February 13th. This is going to be a blast, so join us and enjoy some highlights from the last decade of F3T Films!