Most Saturdays 10:30am-12:30pm
All demos will be at St. Peter's South
Please call 970-377-3785 to RSVP

November 4th - Bob Reece

We are kicking things off this year with Umpqua signature fly designer Bob Reece.  Bob has many seasons under his belt being a guide here in North Park, but mostly in Wyoming's renowned Horse Creek Ranch where he has time tested and perfected his unique style of fly patterns.  Bob is a regular contributor to Fly Fusion Magazine as well as regular fly tying posts for the Gink & Gasoline blog, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of trout fly tying.

November 18th - Connor Murphy

If you've missed hearing his giggle echo through the rooms at St. Pete's like some of us have, here's your chance to get a dose of Connor Murphy.  Murph is back in town from a stint of guiding in Alaska and has taken time out of his "busy" schedule to come and twist some of his signature bugs to anyone who can make.  He's guaranteed to make you laugh and we guarantee that you'll walk away from this demo with a few new skills to take home to your tying bench!

December 2nd - Rick Takahashi

Mr. Takahashi is another legendary local to Fort Collins. He loves to tie and design patterns for the waters that he loves to fish, including many waters local to here. Rick loves to use his talents to bring others into the realm of fly fishing by contributing to local and regional tying demos. Come see him in action, he may have a few tricks up his sleeves that may be useful to tiers of all experience.

December 9th - Chris Krueger

We just got Chris added to the demo schedule and we are stoked to have him on board!  Chris is a Fort Collins local, teacher by trade, owner of Rocky Mountain Fly Design and MFC (Montana Fly Company) signature tier.  So, yeah, you could say he has a few tricks up his sleeve!  Support local and see Chris' unique style in person.

December 16th - Landon Mayer

This man needs no introduction.  Landon has literally wrote the book, several actually, on how to consistently find and catch trophy fish in pressured and technical rivers.  With over two decades of guiding experience on notoriously finicky stretches of water such as the Dream Stream section of the South Platte, Landon has tweaked and tinkered with many different styles bugs to fit his fishing and guiding style to get things done on the water.  Landon is an extremely nice person and one who genuinely loves answering questions and dishing out the goods when it comes to finding and catching leg sized trout.  Do not miss this demo!

January 27th - Phil Iwane

We would like to welcome Phil Iwane to our South shop tying bench for his first demo here at St. Peter’s!  Phil is a familiar face in fly shops across Colorado, has done plenty of demos for various fly tying expo’s and tying clinics, and is now a Umpqua signature fly designer.  Look for the Iwan-e-Dun mayfly series coming soon to a fly shop near you!  Just like you, we are excited to see what Phil has to show us!


February 3rd - Eric Ishiwata

This is one that we are always excited for.  For years now, Ish has taunted us with his boxes of the tastiest swing schmeat any of us has ever seen this side of the Skeena River.  Just when you think you've seen it all, he'll calmly turn your world upside down in a five minute conversation about tube flies, trout behavior, or color combinations that will cause you to drop everything and sprint to the nearest vise and tie a fly.  If you fish two handers regularly, heck if you fly fish regularly, give us a call and sign up for this one.  Bring your own towels to wipe the drool from your faces though...

February 17th - Tim Drummond

We are very excited to be bringing Tim Drummond in for a demo for the first time ever!  Tim is a well established Umpqua signature tier and guide at Yampa Valley Anglers.  He recently moved to Steamboat from North Park where he spent much of his time guiding and fishing the meadow streams and technical sage brush lakes near Walden.  We consider Tim's stillwater patterns to be absolute must-haves if you plan on fishing any lake where trout live.  Tim's tying style is unique his patterns effective, so come on by for some hot coffee and snacks and enjoy Tim's first demo at St. Pete's!

March 3rd - Pat Dorsey

Pat is the Guide Director and partner at the Blue Quill Angler Fly Shop in Evergreen.  A Colorado native, Pat has guided for over 20 years and is one of the leading experts on fly fishing the South Platte River.  He is an Umpqua signature tier and his patterns have become sure-fire go-to's when fishing Colorado and Wyoming's tailwaters. It is always a pleasure to host Pat and we are looking forward to another fun and informative demo.

March 10th - Charlie Craven Demo and Umpqua Event

$5 per person

We always like to end the tying demos with a bang.  Charlie Craven is a man that needs no introduction.  Many of us probably caught our first fish on one of his flies or tied one of our first flies using instructions from one of his books.  Charlie is a true professional when it comes to demos and we always enjoy having him come tie for all of us.  This year Charlie will also be doing a tying class after the demo with those who sign up for it.  This is a great opportunity to get instruction from one of fly fishing's greatest fly tiers and teachers.  Space is extremely limited so give us a call at (970) 377-3785 to sign up or sign up online by clicking the LINK.