Day 1 Monday
Fly Fishing Basics  (½ day)- Knowing and understanding basic Fly Fishing Equipment; With an Emphasis on the ability to speak intelligently about it.
The Fundamental Equipment:
-Fly Rods: Action; Slow, Medium and Fast; and what they are designed for
-Fly Reels: Understanding Drag systems
-Terminal Tackle: Fly lines, Leaders, Tippet (Mono vs. Fluoro)

Insect ID (½ day)   This portion of the class is an intensive study of aquatic insects, classifications and their life cycles. Must be able to distinguish all major species of insects: Midges, Mayflies, Stoneflies and Caddis. Must be able to distinguish the differences within the species: nymph stages, adult stages.

Day 2 Tuesday
How to Teach Fly Fishing - ( ½ day)
Guiding, is about teaching, not numbers. A good guide will focus on teaching his clients how to be a better fisherman.

1)  Casting
-Keep it Simple, don’t inundate your client with too much information
-Rod Angle, Timing and Arm Position

2) Presentation
-Dead Drift, how to.
-Mending, conventional mend and stack mend.
-Positioning a client, so that they will have success. The job of a guide is to understand the client’s ability and to give them the best opportunity to succeed. Positioning them in a situation and place where they can utilize their skills, as well, as learn new techniques without frustrating them.

3) Reading Water
-Explain to people what you are observing on the river.
-Explain why you have chosen the method you are using.

4) Professionalism, Expectations, and Customer Service

Casting Instruction
(½ day) - Learn how to understand and teach the basic cast as well as a number of other essential more complicated casts. Roll play will be used to better understand the strategies of teaching someone how to cast.  This portion of the class will be taught outside to give a real life casting class scenario.

Day 3 Wednesday: Cache La Poudre River; drive to Alcova, Wy for the night

Walk Wade Guiding 101- (Full Day)
It is time to go out and put together all the skills you have learned in the first 2 days. This portion of the class will be done on our local river, the Cache La Poudre. The river day will cover the following topics: guide trip preparations, client expectations, river anatomy, river etiquette, rigging up, positioning for success, assessing each river situation, understanding clients abilities, and much more.  On the night of day 3 we will be staying in Alcova, Wyoming in preparation for Day 4.

Day 4  Thursday: in Alcova, Wy; Gray Reef section of the North Platte

Float Fishing and Preparations for Float Fishing
-Prepping for a Float Trip
-equipment checklist
-Operating a trailer
-Boat Safety - We will do a boat safety presentation that is required prior to every trip on the water in the State of Colorado.
-Boating safety equipment and how to use it
-On water boat training
-Basic oaring and maneuvering of the boat
-Reading water and fish habitat
-How to act and not react in different situations

Day 5  Friday: in Alcova, Wy; Gray Reef section of the North Platte

Float Fishing Continued
-More advanced boat maneuvering/positioning
-Role playing different client scenarios
-How to fish with the boat
-Netting fish and rowing with fish on
-Setting up for wade fishing and using the boat for transportation.

Day 6   Saturday:  in Alcova, Wy; Gray Reef section of the North Platte

Float Fishing Continued
-Covering more advanced rowing techniques
-Sign off log sheet for Colorado River Boat guide training; total of 30 hours
-Presentation of River Guide Certification.