Well, fellow fishers, we're getting into mid-summer and some hot days here at St. Peter's Fly Shop .  A perfect time to head up to one of the plethora of high(er) elevation trout lakes to sit in some cool water and reel in fish! Float tubing is an easy  way to access lakes, and to try some different presentations.  Red Feather Lakes area offers dry fly opportunities with classic patterns like Parachute Adams or Elk -Hair Caddis.  Or head up towards Cameron Pass, where you will find numerous lakes to put those sinking lines to work with buggers or Damsel patterns.  It's all fishing and it's all good!  See y'all out there!


Don't have a float tube, SUP or boat?  Check out some great options here!

Or just leave the waders at home and take a wet-wading dip!