Photos by Bryan Haskin.

Fly rods like the Sage Salt HD, in the case the Salt HD 890-4 (9'0" 8 weight)  are a rare thing in my opinion, and this one seems to be in a category of its own.  This is a noticeably fast rod, but it loads deep in the blank which is what ultimately drew me in.  I've known that my cast is at its full potential when I can feel a significant load in the rod, and I've noticed that not all fast action rods are created equal.  Fast rods are game changers in tough conditions, but only if they match your personal casting style.  I found that when shooting line, rod recovery is immediate and the resulting tight loop visibly sends energy directly into leader turnover and a more precise fly presentation.  I comfortably took shots into infamous Mexico head winds at cruising bonefish at distances that I wasn't able to reach in the past.

Just like I was excited to put my new Sage Salt HD to use on a recent trip to Mexico, I am equally excited to see what its made of when throwing 250 grain sink tips to the bank from a boat, or on some of my favorite Colorado carp flats next spring.  This is a versatile rod that seems to know no limits.  If you are considering a new rod in bigger sizes, whether for your upcoming trip to Cuba or to Saskatchewan for pike, come and cast this side by side any of the other rods we have in here in the shop.  Or even better, bring in your own favorite rod and see how they compare.  The Salt HD was unlike anything I have ever thrown, and I would imagine you would feel the same way once you get it in your hands!