Whether or not you have filled passport pages chasing your fishy dreams, there is a lot that goes into planning a trip of a lifetime.  If it is your first time, the questions can be endless and intimidating.  Where should I go?  What time of year?  What can I catch?  What gear do I need? and the list goes on...  And nothing is worse than putting in countless hours putting a trip together and find out you've been given bad intel and have the wrong gear.

Let us help!  Regardless of how serious you are about doing a trip in the future, come on down to our Free Adventure Fly Fishing Presentation on Wednesday, February 28th from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. at St. Peter's South and get the right info from St. Pete's destination trip coordinator Grant Houx.  Grant has been all over the world chasing various species and has created lasting relationships with some of the best lodges in the industry.  Come get details on the how's, when's, and where's to set yourself up for a true trip of a lifetime.