St. Peter's Old Town

Wednesday, June 14th 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Springtime brings warmth, warmth causes melting snow, melting snow cause rivers to rise, and rising rivers make fly fishers cringe.  Runoff is all part of the game for all of us that call the Poudre our home river.  Some years it’s fierce but short, clearing up by the time July rolls around.  Other years it is a gradual and drawn out process that lasts well into August.  Either way you look at it, if you aren’t fishing the river during this time, you are missing out on a prime stretch of summer to be out on the water soaking up the sun and putting a bend in that rod.

We have the conversation daily this time of year.  Yes, the river is higher than usual and colored up, and yes we are still fishing it.  In fact we are on it every chance we get!  Whether it’s the volume of water that is intimidating, or you just don’t know where to begin finding fish this time of year, give us a call at our Old Town shop at (970) 498-8968  and get yourself signed up for our annual Free High Water Presentation.  Let us show you how to rig for success, how to approach the river and find places that hold trout right now, and to answer any of your questions about runoff fishing.  Make this your last spring that you don’t fish during high water!