We can all agree, this winter has been slightly off.  It feels more like April out there right now!  But if you've lived in Colorado for at least a week, you know how fast that can change.  And trust us, it's going to change again.  So do yourself a favor.  Don't let these warm and sunny days pass by without taking a short bounce up the canyon to take a look at the river.  If Gateway isn't your style, the river is WIDE open from Picnic Rock up to the Gateway turnoff, and let's not forget that those fish have been iced over and haven't seen flies in weeks or even months.

If you're feeling brave or just want to take a nice drive up the canyon, you could be pleasantly surprised by the amount of open water higher up where the river gets out of the steep canyon walls and can warm up surprisingly quick.  We won't guarantee anything but it does happen from time to time.  Snow will be flying again before you know it and we'll be stuck in town shoveling driveways, passing time tying flies, and daydreaming but for the time being, go absorb that vitamin D, catch a few rays, and a fish or two.  All of us here at St. Petes have been out and about and are up to date on conditions and bugs so swing by the shop on your way up the canyon for a little advice and fresh  supply of midges!  We're always happy to share what's' been working well for us and where!