Days like yesterdays Simms Day are always such an eye opener for us.  We get to experience first hand the amazing support we receive from Northern Colorado's fly fishing world.  It is always a humbling experience for all of us that work here at St. Peter's Fly Shop.  We call these days customer appreciation days for a reason.  Because there are just a few ways that we can truly show how much we appreciate all of the support from our community, and one of those ways is to help get you all into the best gear available and to give something back from all of us here in the shop.

Thanks to all of you, we can continue to serve Fort Collins and Northern Colorado as a local fly shop dedicated to the pursuit of what so many of us are passionate about.  We are proud to be a resource for you, whether you are trying to figure out whats hatching in the river, learning a new fishing technique, needing an obscure tying material, or just have some time to kill and want to come in and tell us about the last time you were out on the water.

Thank you so much to all who came out and hung out with us on Simms Day, as always it was great seeing all of you!  To all of you who picked up some new gear, we truly hope you're out putting them to good use and enjoying some much needed Colorado sunshine right now.  We hope the bugs are hatching and fish are hungry!  Catch a couple fish for us and we'll see you on the water!