Kyle Stack


Kyle pursues his love of fly-fishing on the Poudre River during his summer vacations away from the middle school where he is an administrator. His passion for every aspect of fly-fishing, from tying flies, to reading water, to river entomology, and enjoying the tranquility of the Poudre Canyon, informs his guiding and helps define his way of life. Kyle has explored and fished numerous rivers around Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and New Mexico, although he is always called back to his favorite river, the Poudre. Kyle is a natural and encouraging teacher and enjoys sharing all aspects of fishing and the river with clients. This is his sixth season as a guide and teacher of St. Pete’s Signature Fly Fishing Class. A day on the river with Kyle is a great introduction for the first timer or a fine tuning for the accomplished angler.


  • Trout Rod: Anything Scott!
  • Reel: Hatch & Lamson
  • Line: Rio Gold and Grand
  • Place to Fish Locally: Poudre River
  • Outside our Region: North Platte
  • Book: The River Why?
  • Musicians: Greg Brown, The Grateful Dead, The Black Keys, and Wilco

Joel DeJong


A high school English teacher by trade, Joel is currently a graduate student at Colorado State University. Beginning in 2009, Joel was able to combine his passion for fly fishing with his love of teaching by way of guiding for St. Peter's. "The best thing about guiding," Joel reflects, "is the privilege of seeing that distinctive and dazzling smile that folks tend to sport when they land their first trout on a fly. It never gets old." Equipped with a solid sense of humor and an inherent enthusiasm for teaching, Joel is an excellent guide for anglers of all skill levels.

John "JB" Bruning


John (JB) Bruning is a third generation native of Colorado who has fly fished the Colorado streams and lakes for the past 50 years. Now guiding in his fourth year for St. Peter’s Fly Shop, JB enjoys teaching first-timers as well as helping experienced fly fishers improve and learn new skills, such as, European nymphing and English still water techniques. For JB, a great day on the water with his clients is having fun, learning and building relationships in the beautiful settings where trout live. When he’s not guiding, fly fishing or skiing, JB is a metal sculptor working in his studio located in Longmont, Colorado.

Joe Griffin-Harte


Joe has been living in Colorado for almost 25 years and has been fly-fishing for close to 12 years. His love of fishing started right here at St. Pete's with a guided trip on the Poudre River. Soon after, his love of being on the water and fishing local rivers began in full. His passion for fly-fishing takes up all aspects of his life, from tying flies for the next trip, to fishing new waters, or learning a different style of casting. Joe is also quite at home teaching people to fly-fish on guide trips, helping someone improve on existing skills, or sharing new tips and info he picks up along the way.

Chris Eussen


Chris has been a fishy fellow for quite some time. Born in Leadville, CO, Chris is a 30 year native to the state of Colorado, minus 4 years in the US Navy. Chris now lives in Fort Collins with his beautiful family: wife Angie, daughter Tatum and his dog Lily. Chris started fishing before he was 2 years old thanks to his family and his father. Also, Chris is a certified guide and instructor through the Colorado Montain College. There is not a fish on this planet that Chris would not try to pursue with a fly rod. You could find him in the scummy irrigation ditches found locally for Carp, or nestled away in RMNP fishing for rare and wild Greenbacks. A day out with Chris will have you itching for more, and you will leave a more confident, skilled, and knowledgable angler on the art and sport of fly fishing. Chris loves the relationships he has built with people he has guided along the journey. Chris has realized those relationships and memories you build on the water is really what it's all about. Chris has guided all over the front range of Northern Colorado since 2009 and has fished in many destinations.

Jason Small


Jason started chasing trout as a young child in the Midwest before moving to beautiful Colorado over 20 years ago, Jason has pursued his love for fly fishing all over Colorado and New Mexico. He spent 8 years pursuing the elusive trout in the high mountain streams and gold medal waters of southwest Colorado before moving to Fort Collins 5 years ago. Jason now finds his home here on the banks of the Poudre River and many other local watersheds.

A day on the water with Jason is all about having fun and learning the skills to be a great angler. Jason's easy going personality and love for fly fishing is the perfect match for anglers of all skill level.

In his free time, Jason continues his passion for all things fly fishing, including teaching his young daughter Norah how to "spot risers" and tie the perfect fly. When Jason is not on the water he enjoys time with his family in the great outdoors; camping, hiking and enjoying nature.

Rex Monahan


A favorite saying of Rex's is "the only constant in life is change" while that may be true most the time, fly fishing has been a constant in Rex's life for a long time. He started out with an old Sears Roebuck bamboo rod, a Orvis clearwater reel and a few Adam's no. 12s on the Poudre and quickly fell in love with the sport. A Colorado native born in Sterling, he's spent most of his adult life moving either literally or figuratively closer to the rivers he loves to fish. He migrated from Sterling, then to Greeley and eventually ended up Fort Collins about 4 years ago. Eventually, with a drive for new adventure and challenge his love for fly fishing manifested itself into guiding. This is where he found the "next level" fishing experience. Guiding others provides what was described to him by another guide as "an out of body fishing experience". That along with the joy he has in teaching others the craft of fly fishing as well as being privileged to take part in the experience of the outdoors and adventure with those he guides makes for a pretty good bet that not only fly fishing, but guiding also, will be a constant in his life for a long time to come.


  • Trout Rod: Sage Circa
  • Reel: anything Hardy
  • Place to Fish Locally: the Poudre
  • Outside our Region: North Platte
  • Book: Be Here Now
  • Musicians: Any "B" side classic rock tracks Stones, Sabbath, Zepplin, Hendrix etc