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  1. Some Advice From Your Local Fly Shop

    Where ever you are right now, we want you to reach over and pat yourself on the back.  You made it through months of frozen guides, 6x, and size 24's.  You made it through low, clear water and the spookiest fish of the season.  And after all that, you made it through a winter's worth of snow melt ripping through...
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  2. The Golden Hour

    The Golden Hour
    Who's got six legs, tiny wings, and make trout forget what fly fisherman are? This guy.  
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  3. Happy Birthday America!

    Happy Birthday America!
    Even the cicadas on the Poudre are feeling extra patriotic today. Happy Fourth everybody!
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  4. Respect.

    A catch and release story by Aaron Alexander   [caption id="attachment_2489" align="aligncenter" width="747"] This shot captures the moment where the predator makes contact with the prey.  I wouldn't want to be whatever is on the other end of that leader.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2490" align="aligncenter" width="750"] That sure would make for some solid kindling for a springtime campfire...
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  5. Julyflies

    Mayflies?  More like Julyflies...
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  6. One of Colorado's finest...

    Those of you who know him would agree that Randy Marsh is a distinguished and sophisticated gentleman.  Which is probably why he has a picture of a pike in his man cave. Some people love 'em, some people hate 'em.  But when we're talking about a fish that can grow bigger than your leg and that will follow...
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  7. Advice from your local fly shop.

    Advice from your local fly shop.
    Do less of this... And more of this!
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  8. Townies

    I had a nightmare last night.  A nightmare that I was riding my bike through town along the river one morning.  I caught glimpses through the branches of currents twisting over river rocks and pushing through root wads of cottonwoods.  It was so mesmerizing I almost rode off the trail at every corner.  The water was clear, all of it...
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  9. Prairie Permit

    July is sneaking up on us.  There's fish eating dries in the Poudre.  Bass are hunting frogs in every pond in Fort Collins.  High country lakes are starting to fish.  Green Drakes have been spotted on the Roaring Fork and Upper North Platte.   Choosing the right option for your after work evening session or weekend getaways gets harder and harder. ...
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  10. Free High Country Fishing Presentation

    Free High Country Fishing Presentation
    It's getting to be that time of year!  With incredible snow pack this season, our backcountry stayed locked up a bit longer than usual but that's all starting to change.  More and more reports are coming in about some of our favorite mountain lakes cracking and starting to fish.  We have so many backcountry opportunities available to us that it's...
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