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  1. Highway 34: Open for Business

    Highway 34: Open for Business
    Runoff has truly begun here in the Poudre canyon.  For some of us that means the search to find a different place to fish for the next month has begun.  Well look no further!   You guys remember Highway 34 right?  Like, the Big Thompson canyon on the way up to Estes Park?  As of this weekend, she is open...
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  2. Sage Day Grand Prize Winner

    Sage Day Grand Prize Winner
    Huge congrats to Thad Carter for winning the Sage Day grand prize drawing!  Enjoy that new X!  Thad is now going to be put into a separate raffle at the end of the year to win a trip to Rio Manso, Argentina with all of our other grand prize winners from the various customer appreciation days this year.  Huge thanks...
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  3. Options.

    Things on the Poudre are continuing to change on what now seems like an hourly basis.  If you prefer to steer clear of the canyon while the river gets its annual snow melt scrub down, we have world class tailwater fisheries well within a 3 hour drive in all directions that offer consistent flows and some big, hungry, trout.   Like...
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  4. The Aerobotes Stand Up Paddle Board

    The Aerobotes Stand Up Paddle Board
    We are beyond excited to announce that St. Pete's is now a Bote stand up paddle board (SUP) dealer!  We couldn't stop coming up with ways we could put these bad boys to use around town.  Many of the countless bass ponds in northern Colorado can be fished easily from shore, but many of them also require long walks, or...
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  5. A little advice from you local fly shop...

    A little advice from you local fly shop...
    If you find yourself out on the water today DO NOT forget this box! Regardless of Colorado's mood swings, the river has stayed in very nice shape.  A quick look at flows is showing 1160 cfs at the canyon mouth, 652 cfs in the north fork below Seaman Res, which leaves the main stem at a delicious 508 cfs...
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  6. The 10th Flagship Rod from Sage

    The 10th Flagship Rod from Sage
    Sage continues to bring innovation to the table in the development of their latest flagship rod, the Sage X.  The latest in rod technology, KonneticHD technology, allows the caster to access and load the full length of the rod, bringing forth more energy transfer into the fly line while increasing accuracy and overall distance.  This is hands down THE most...
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  7. Sage Day Happy Hour: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

    For the first 2 hours of Sage Day 2017, receive an extra 5% off select products, as well as an extra 5% off on all flies in either shop!  But wait, that's not all!  Cache in on extra raffle tickets to increase your chances of winning a Sage fly rod of your choice!  Both shops will be enjoying some cold...
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  8. Happy Carps

    Happy Carps
    Someone found some tails up reservoir dogs before the thunderstorm yesterday.  Let's just say that someone also got to break in his new Fishpond net too...
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  9. The X-Rod

    The X-Rod
    The Sage X continues to make our jaws drop.  From pickin' pockets on the Poudre, to leading crusing bonefish sixty feet out, this rod continually gets it done.  Come and cast one this Saturday, May 20th during our 2017 Sage Day!  Click the LINK for more details!
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  10. 2017 Sage Day: St. Peter's 25th Anniversary Edition

    2017 Sage Day: St. Peter's 25th Anniversary Edition
    Trout Season from Sage Fly Fish on Vimeo. 7 days and counting!  We invite everybody to continue celebrating St. Pete's 25th Anniversary with Sage Day 2017, at both shops, all day next Saturday, May 20th.  For more info on all the in-store specials we have going on, the gear we'll be raffling off, and other reasons why you...
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