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  1. What you need to know about Chronic Dryflyantitis

    What you need to know about Chronic Dryflyantitis
    Some of the St. Pete's staff has recently been self-diagnosed on WebMD as having Chronic Dryflyantitis.  CDF, as it's commonly called, is a highly contagious psychological disorder seen throughout most western states this time of year, and has no common cure yet developed by modern science.  Symptoms tend to spike during work hours and is also linked to reports from...
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  2. Poudre + Higher Flows = A heckuva good time

    Poudre + Higher Flows = A heckuva good time
    That math doesn't lie! Here in Northern Colorado, we face a wide variety of conditions that keep us on our toes.  As anglers we must constantly be assessing and adjusting our rigs to best suit the water conditions, current bug life, and the mood of our fish.  This often means having an entire size run of tippet, mono and sometimes...
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  3. Win a trip of a lifetime!

    Win a trip of a lifetime!
    Join us as we continue to celebrate St. Pete’s 25th Anniversary with our 2017 Sage Day!  Come down to either shop on Saturday, May 20th for in store specials on all Sage rods and other items in the shop, and to also get entered into the raffle to win a free Sage rod!  All grand prize winners from this years...
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  4. The Heavy Weights

    The Heavy Weights
    In preparation for this weekends’ epic weather forecast that is sure to bring a bit more water down the canyon, we decided to bring forth some of our absolute favorite bugs that make our high water months so productive.  Dirty water makes the fish feed.  HARD.  Jumps in flows act like a natural flush, much like what we see on...
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  5. April showers...

    April showers...
    Colorado and her mood swings sure do live up to her reputation. The weekend’s weather appears to be calling for the necessity of Goretex and layering. However, those of you who feel up to hitting the water over the next couple of days will probably be in for some serious, #10 aquatic, prehistoric surprises. It’s like grandpa used to say…...
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  6. Patagonia daydreaming

    Patagonia daydreaming
    Just a little Rio Manso scenery for your Thursday evening viewing pleasures. For more information, check out more details in our Destination Travel section.
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  7. Scott Day Extravaganza

    Scott Day Extravaganza
    Today is the day! Come on down to either shop to check out the Scott Day specials! President and rod designer for Scott Rods, Jim Bartschi is in town to give a presentation on the Evolution of Rod Design in Old Town at 2 p.m., with beers courtesy of Odell Brewery. Come say hey and get your name into the...
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  8. Snow Melt and Brown Trout

    Snow Melt and Brown Trout
    After months of seeing low, crystal clear water, we are beginning to see spikes in flows and fluctuations in clarity which signals the annual transition into run-off. Every year we hear many people hang up the waders and boots until July or even August.  You're going to hear us say this a lot over the next two months when it...
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  9. Atlanticus

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  10. The river is waking up!

    The river is waking up!
    Blue Wings and a few more caddis are starting to show up. As flows begin to bump a little bit with the beginning of runoff, bug activity will ramp up, causing the fish to really start feeding. Bigger bugs such as stoneflies are slowly but surely starting to show up and get some attention so bust out the Girdle Bugs...
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