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  1. St. Pete's Spey School

    Want to get into spey casting?  Give us a call and ask us about our St. Peters spey school!  This class is designed for casters with little to no experience to build a foundation of skills and techniques to better understand the dynamics of spey casting.  You will walk away from this class with everything that you need to take...
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  2. Canyon time!

    Canyon time!
    Alright, we'll admit it too, the lower canyon seems a little more busy than usual, especially for February.  The combination of how well Gateway to Picnic Rock is producing and the nice weather has everyone rigging rods and catching hogs.  But in fine Colorado fashion, we’ve had some down right fantastic weather over the past few weeks and I think...
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  3. Ladies and gentlemen, start your gauges...

    Ladies and gentlemen, start your gauges...
    Its always a day for celebration when the gauges spring back to life. Mouth of the Poudre canyon is reading at 123 cfs! What does that mean for the fishing? We sincerely suggest you head up there tomorrow and see for yourself!
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  4. Streamertown, USA

    Streamers Inc from scumliner media on Vimeo.
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  5. Free Fly Tying Demo with Pat Dorsey

    Free Fly Tying Demo with Pat Dorsey
    Spring is inching closer and our free tying demo list is getting shorter!  But we tend to save some of the best for last…  Next Saturday, February 18th we will have the one and only Pat Dorsey doing a demo at our south shop from 10:30 – 12:30.  Pat is a Colorado legend and a well-known veteran guide of the...
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  6. Rio Manso Giveaway

    Rio Manso Giveaway
      February is action packed here at St. Pete’s with another fly tying demo you can't miss, Pat Dorsey on Saturday, February 18th! Then we wrap up the last Saturday of the month with the much anticipated 9th Annual St. Peter’s Simms Day. This is the 25th anniversary of St. Pete’s and to celebrate we are doing some major...
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