Latest Update: 2/22/2017.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow : ICE@ Canyon Mouth, 7 cfs @ Fort Collins, 3.3 @ North Fork Below Seaman Reservoir

Poudre River Fishing Report:

Flows in town and below seaman are low and clear. This makes it super important to walk lightly in and around the river. With the water levels, and temps where they are, fish will congregate in the deeper runs and holes. Nymphing these deeper runs can be very effective this time of year. Look for midge hatches in the afternoon's during the warmest portion of the day.  The North Fork tailwater is the best place to find open water and active fish this time of year.   The water should warm up throughout the day making the fish more active, and breaking up some of the edge ice.  Look for parts of the river that get the most sun, these spots will have the most active fish.   If you see noses, consider fishing a small dry fly (or two!). Griffiths Gnats are working wonderfully as one of our staple winter dry flies. Emerger patterns like the RS2 and the Juju midge are a great second fly to add to both a dry fly rig and a nymph rig. Your leader and tippet should both be in the 5-6x range with Fluorocarbon starting to become a necessity for the droppers. Streamers are becoming less productive with the lower flows, but small leech patterns and thin mints will still find fish.

For any questions on location, rigs, or flies feel free to stop by either shop before you head out!

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Recommended Flies for the Cache la Poudre River ::

Dries:  Eric's Midge #18-20,  Griffith's Gnat, Tilt Wing Olive #18,  Hi-Vis Ant #16, Biot Midge Blk #20-22, Sprout Midge #18-20, Renegade #16-20, Para-midge #18-20,

Nymphs: Jujubee #18-22, Copper Ribber RS2 #18, Tung. Juju Baetis #20, Poison Tung #18-20, Split Foam Back #18, Mayhem #18-20, Two-bit Hooker #16-20, Micro-may #18,  Zebra Midge #18, Midge Bomb #18-20

Streamers: Thin Mints #6-10, Platte River Spider #4, Orange Blossom Special #8, Slump Buster Black #6, Aggravator Prince #6, 'Nilla Bugger #8-10, Sparkle Minnow, Trick or Treat #4, Rubber Buggers

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