Latest Update: 10/20/2018.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow : 99 cfs at the Encampment and Platte confluence.

Encampment River Report: As we transition into fall the Encampment river will continue to produce some small bug activity as well as the onset of streamer fishing.  Water conditions did not last long this season because of a very low snow pack year for the Upper North Platte.  We continue to see very low flows and hot weather.  We are suggesting to start the day off early and get off the water before the temps get too hot. Wade fishing with dry droppers has been productive as well as smaller dries such as Trico's & Blue Wing Olives.  Fish are still eating dry flies sporadically, but if you find some risers they will most likely eat an EC Caddis or small Baetis Dry.  Please be careful of high water temperatures and make sure to bring your thermometers with you.  If you see those temps climbing above 67 degrees give the fish a rest and hang it up for the day.


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