Latest Update: 9/22/2017.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow : 50 cfs at the Encampment and Platte confluence.

Encampment River Report: 

The Encampment water levels are down. With the flows at the level they are, wade fishing in public sections becomes the only option. Using a dry dropper and double dries will definitely tempt fish up here this time of year.  Keep your rigs shallow in order to avoid vegetation and snagging bottom. Fishing early in the morning and later in the evening will be the best option to find actively feeding fish, the hot water during the day time typically leaves fish to feeding during these times of day in order to conserve energy.

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Dries:  Chubbies #14-16, PMX #12-16, Amy's Ant #8, Tan Foam PMX #12-16, Cousin It #12-14, Elk Hair Caddis #14-16, Peacock Caddis #14-16, Para Caddis #14-16, Fav Dun #12, Stimi #12-16, Chew Toy #12-16,

Nymphs: DB Peacock Stone #12-16, Gold Biot Stone #12-16, Epoxy Stone #12-16, Stone Bomb #12-14, Tung Trip Saver #12-14, Girdle Bug #10-12, Trina's Montana Prince #12-14, Prince Nymphs, #12-18, Hotwire Prince#12-14, Wired Stones # 12-14, Sparkle Worms, Guides Choice Hares Ear #12-18, Tung Swing Caddis #14-18, Copper John #12-20

Steamers: Dungeons, Peanut Envy's, Sparkle Minnows, Goldie's

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