Latest Update: 2/22/2018.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow : 504 cfs at Grey Reef, 543 cfs at the Miracle Mile

Winter is pretty well established up here. Water temps are cold and fish have gone deep and become more lethargic but they are still munching.  As always, with both the Mile and the Reef, nymphing is a great option. Annelids and worms work really well, but don't overlook your leeches and scuds as point flies. Trailing a midge behind the bigger bugs will leave these fish with plenty of options until you find out what they are really keying in on. Fish are still eating egg patterns but we are seeing more fish choose the bug or leech as we move into January. Long 3x fluorocarbon leaders help give you the length to present your flies where they need to be.

Streamer fishing is our favorite way to fish the Reef and Mile.  Swinging flies and pounding the pockets from a boat are often the most effective ways to fish streamers here.  Sink tip lines with a 6 or 7 weight rod, or two handers lined up with Skagit heads will help anglers cover water efficiently and present flies deeper in the water column where we are finding most of the meat eaters.  Both shops have received fresh shipments of the newest swing style flies  from Eric Ishiwata such as the Grand Master Phoenix and the Ish's Snich. Goldies, North Platte Spiders, Peanut Envys, and other classics are well stocked too. Ask about them next time you are in the shop!


For info on guided float trips to the Gray Reef, hit the LINK


For info on guided trips to the Miracle Mile, hit the LINK

Recommended Flies ::

Nymphs:  Foam Wing RS2 #18-20, Sparkle Wing RS2 #18-#20,  Foldover Baetis #18, Split Foam Back #18-#20,  #18-22, Mayhem Midge #18-20, Micro May #18,  Pine Squirrel Leeches #10-12, Midge Larva #18, Sparkle Worm #10, Annelid #14-18, Pig Sticker #8.

Dries:  Para Adams #18-22, Sprout Midge #18-22  Griffith Gnat #18-#20,

Streamers:  Dungeon's (Regular and Mini), Bottoms-Up #4, Crazy Dad #4, Platte River Spider #8,  Monkeys #4, Peanuts #4, Zoo Cougars #4, 'Nilla Bugger #10, Thin-Mint #8-12, Sparkle Minnow #4-6, Rusty Trombone

Also, for you two-hander fisherman try:  Ish's Grand Master Pheonix, Ish's Snitch, Ish's Maxi Tube, Goblins, Thin-Mints #8-#12 (double & regular), Hobo Speys, Platte River Spiders.

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