Latest Update: 5/23/2017.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow : 2003 cfs at Grey Reef, 1450 cfs at the Miracle Mile

Grey Reef Fishing Report:

Flows have dipped for the time being on the Reef and has been fishing great; this is a fantastic float level!  We continue to make trips up to Alcova since we are seeing a few more different types of bugs up here and fish have been eating like crazy.  With a drop in flows, fish will once again begin to stack up a bit tighter in their usual places making them a bit easier to find.  Typical with the Reef, if you find one fish, you will probably find plenty more so switch up your rigs often until you hit the right combo of bugs that the fish key in on.

Standard Reef fare is working fantastic: annelids, worms, small mayflies, leeches, midges, and of course a variety of streamers.  Blue Wing nymphs seem to still be on fire so do not go up with plenty of backups and a variety of weighted vs. unweighted BWO nymphs.  Nymphing 9ft 3-4x leaders will get you down to where your flies need to be and having a full size run of fluorocarbon tippets, 3x-5x, to keep you ready for any situation you will run into and to be ready turn these fish.  They pull hard this time of year!

The streamer bite on the Reef can be really productive, oftentimes the best the North Platte has to offer.  Swinging flies and pounding the banks from a boat are often the most effective ways to fish streamers on the Reef.  Integrated sink tip lines with a 6 or 7 weight rod, or swinging with a spey setup will help you get your flies where the fish are and greatly improve your chances of finding hungry mouths.  Don't feel like you need to be throwing huge flies.  The sunny weather can put fish off a bit and often times all you need to do is down size to smaller bugger patterns and make sure you are getting them down deep.

For info on guided float trips to the Gray Reef, hit the LINK


Miracle Mile Fishing Report:

This is a great flow for the Mile.  Wading becomes a bit easier and the water isn't as pushy as it is when it flows around 3000 cfs.  We're not too sure how long things will remain at this level but at this point so if you don't like to fish the heavier flows, get up here!  The water on the Mile is really clear making sunny days though, a little bit of cloud cover never hurts so don't let the threat of a storm push you away from this area. Bugs are on the move and we are seeing quite a bit more diversity.  Caddis are making their appearance and the fish have definitely noticed.  This is a great time to start to mess around with some bigger stonefly patterns as point flies in nymph rigs, with caddis nymph droppers, with the ever faithful Blue Wing Olive behind that.  If you don't feel up to throwing three flies at once, try a double nymph rig of Worms, leeches, and stoneflies up front, then BWO's, and caddis behind those.  Adjust your depth until you start hitting fish, and mix the types of water you are focusing on.  Pocket water on the Mile is always productive but don't overlook the deeper runs below the bridge.  You made to lengthen your rig up and add some split shot but don't overlook it.

Streamers on the Mile are a blast! Just like with the Reef, bring plenty of options.  Sizes, colors, and where your flies are in the water column all are important factors so if you zero out on a certain setup, switch it up.  Using a sink tip line is crucial, you want to make sure your streamers are staying in the "zone".  If you are fishing a two-hander, make sure you have a variety of MOW tips as it is vital to get flies to where they need to be.  Bigger isn't necessarily always better so being versatile with fly selection is necessary.

A few of us at St. Pete’s can usually be found creeping the shorelines of the North Platte tailwaters on our days off and stay up to date on what conditions are like up there. We want to make sure you're getting the current conditions and necessary tools you may need for a successful trip so come on by and pick our brains on fishing and rigging for this area. Make sure to check the road reports before heading up toward the Reef or Mile because road conditions can vary this time of year. Melting on the warm sunny days and rain this time of year can make the roads muddy, so being prepared for any situation doesn't hurt. Check out our facebook, instagram, and blog posts for updates and pictures of recent outings to this area.

For info on guided trips to the Miracle Mile, hit the LINK

Recommended Flies ::

Nymphs:  Sparkle Worm #10, Annelid #14-18, Rojo Midge #18-22, Zebra Midge #18-20, Split Foam Back #18 RS2, #18-22, Barr's Emerger BWO #18-20, Micro May #18, Juju Baetis #18-20, Foam Wing RS2 #18-20, Pine Squirrel Leeches #10-12, Girdle Bug #10 (brown/yellow), Bling Midge #20-24, Mayhem Midge #18-20, Pig Sticker #8

Dries:  Para Adams #18-24, BWO Comparadun #20-22, Sprouts BWO #18-20, Griffiths Gnats #18-22, Sprouts Midges #18-24, Eric's High Vis Midge #20-22

Streamers:  Goldie #4, Bottoms-Up #4, Crazy Dad #4, Platte River Spider #8, Dungeon's Olive and Tan #4, Monkeys #4, Peanuts #4, Zoo Cougars #4, 'Nilla Bugger #10, Thin-Mint #8-12, Sparkle Minnow #4-6 Double Dirty Hippies.

Also, for you swingers try:  Ish's Cool Herc, Ish's Grand Master Flash, Cat Toys, Goblins, Thin-Mints, and Hobo Speys.

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