Latest Update: 2/18/2019
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow : 499 cfs at Grey Reef, 526 cfs at the Miracle Mile

The reef  is in prime winter shape with flows hanging around 500 cubic feet per second. Our guides have been reporting good fishing as most of the weeds are gone now. March and April are right around the corner so start planning your Reef trips now, and give us a call if you'd like to book a trip.

Our most productive nymphs have been Midge nymphs/ emergers, leeches, and annelids. Some of our favorites this summer have included Theo’s North Platte Emerger (sz. 18, purple or olive), the Spark-a-lid (#12-14, red or purple) and Copper-rib RS2’s.  Whether fishing the Reef or the Mile, it’s a smart move to pair up a smaller bug (i.e. midge, baetis, etc…) with a larger attractor pattern. Pine Squirrel Leeches, Sparkle Worms and Flossy Worms are all good attractor options.

The Mile's flows are slightly lower than normal which means fish concentrating in the juicy looking water along seams and up in the deeper riffles. Nymphing Two-bit Hookers and scuds are always good options. Don't forget your leach and egg patterns when you head off to the Mile as well.

While you’ll probably get your numbers with bugs, streamer fishing remains our favorite way to fish the Reef and Mile. Sink tip lines with a 6 or 7 weight rod, or trout-sized spey rods lined up with Skagit heads and MOW tips are awesome tools to cover water efficiently and present flies deeper in the water column where the carnivores are lurking. If you want to try your hand at “the two hander” on either the Reef or Mile, we love the patterns of Eric Ishiwata. Ish’s Kool Herc (olive/tan or chartreuse/white) or Ish’s Snitch (red/tan or olive) are a couple of very safe bets. For the single-hand angler Cream or Olive Mini-Dungeons are a newer pattern we’ve fast grown fond of but Goldies, North Platte Spiders and other classics are all good options. Ask about them next time you are in the shop!


For info on guided float trips to the Gray Reef, hit the LINK


For info on guided trips to the Miracle Mile, hit the LINK

Recommended Flies ::

Nymphs:  Foam Wing RS2 #18-20, Sparkle Wing RS2 #18-#20,  Foldover Baetis #18, Split Foam Back #18-#20,  #18-22, Mayhem Midge #18-20, Micro May #18,  Pine Squirrel Leeches #10-12, Midge Larva #18, Sparkle Worm #10, Annelid #14-18, Pig Sticker #8.

Dries:  Para Adams #18-22, Sprout Midge #18-22  Griffith Gnat #18-#20,

Streamers:  Dungeon's (Regular and Mini), Bottoms-Up #4, Crazy Dad #4, Platte River Spider #8,  Monkeys #4, Peanuts #4, Zoo Cougars #4, 'Nilla Bugger #10, Thin-Mint #8-12, Sparkle Minnow #4-6, Rusty Trombone

Also, for you two-hander fisherman try:  Ish's Grand Master Pheonix, Ish's Snitch, Ish's Maxi Tube, Goblins, Thin-Mints #8-#12 (double & regular), Hobo Speys, Platte River Spiders.

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