Latest Update: 6/22/2017.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow : Upper Big T at Moraine Park: 433 cfs, Big T above Lake Estes: 853 cfs, Big T Below Lake Estes: 637 cfs 

With high water down on the front range, higher elevation exploration is seriously tempting. Most of the creeks and lakes have iced off. Keep in mind the lower in elevation you are the more water will be pushing through tributaries which can also get blown out along with the mainstems they flow into. As more and more snow melts away and water temperatures finally start heating up through summer, this high elevation water is great way to escape the heat. Early to mid-July is going to be a safe bet of when we can get into most of those high country gems.

The Big T through Moraine Park is flowing strong with snow melt along with other lower elevations streams.  Small streamers and larger profile stoneflies aimed towards cutbanks and any bit of slack water is the best way to pick up some fish.  If you do make it up to the park and aren't pleased with water conditions, there is always the Big Thompson and St. Vrain to fall back on!  But hey, this is a great time to get out and enjoy spring time in the mountains!  Get up there and make some last minute snow angels!

For more info on fishing conditions on the Big Thompson, check out our Big Thompson Report.


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Recommended Flies:

Dries ::   Hi-Vis Beetle #14-16, Jake's Gulp Beetle#14-16, Hot Spot Ant #14-18, Momba Ant #14, Stimulator #14-18, Humpy #12-16, Headlight Caddis #14-16, Para-adams #12-16, Royal Wulf #10-16

Nymphs:: Prince Nymphs #8-14, Guides Choice Hares Ear #14-16, Wired Stones #12-16, Biot Stones #12-14, Iron Sally's #16-18,  Sparkle Worms, Hotwire Prince #14-18, Girdle Bugs #8-12, Copper John #12-20, Pheasant Tail #14-20

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