Latest Update: 5/23/2017.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

It's stillwater season guys, the rivers are high, clarity is off and the lakes are the place to be right now. The fishing on some of the local ponds is super productive right now. Carp are cruising the flats, the bass eating poppers, and the trout are starting to feed heavy in the shallows.

The high alpine lakes are a constant inquiry here at St. Pete's. According to our inside source, the top of Cameron Pass looks like it's stuck in February since the last snowfall. It will melt quickly, but for the time being the high alpine lakes are still iced up.

The Laramie lakes are fishing well. Slow stripping leaches and small buggers has been producing fish. As well as fishing a leech or chironomid under an indicator, although we have yet to see any chironomids hatching this can still be an effective technique.

North park stillwater in the valley is now fully open and fishing well. This is a great time of year to fish these lakes. Fish have started to be spotted cruising near the banks making both bank fishing and fishing from a belly boat a blast. Remember your slow retrieve! Like the Laramie Lakes, stripping buggers and fishing leeches, boatmans, scuds and chironomids under an indicator will help you successfully find fish.

North Park and Red Feather:  Open

High Alpine: Ice

The Laramie Plains Lakes: Open




Warmwater Species

Bass: Slump Buster #4, Meat Whistle #2, BH Bugger #10, ThinMint #8-10, Seal Bugger #10, Hoover Mover #4, Creek Crawler #4, Hada's Near 'Nuff Crayfish #4, Clouser Minnow #4,  Micro-Poppers #8, Covert Mission #4, Pearly Popper #6, Neon Popper #6

Carp: Carp Crack #6, Hoover Mover #4, Swimming Nymph #6, Back Stabber #4, Dirty Monkey #4, Hare's Ear #14, Carpalicious #6

Coldwater Species

Trout: Leeches #10-12, Buggers #8-14, Chirocones #14-18, Crystal Chironomids #10-14, Seal Bugger #10, Callibaetis #16

Pike: Barry's Pike Fly 2/0, Hare Grub #2, Roosta Fly 3/0, Flashtail Whistler 3/0

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