Latest Update: 6/22/2017.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

If the big rivers aren't your style, it's time to look for some flat water!  Mother Nature has hooked us up time after time with great stillwater fishing when the rivers get a little rowdy.  In other words... It's go time! Carp are fat, happy, hungry, and in the shallows. Top water action has been off the chain when targeting bass with poppers of all size, shapes, and colors, especially near dawn and dusk. With the water starting to warm up and vegetation starting to show in the shallows don't be surprised to see some species revert to a little deeper water while other begin to sunbathe even more so. The local ponds have been producing some great fish and even better numbers.  From Red Feather to the Delaney Buttes, the trout have really turned on to chironomids and the beginning of callibaetis.

The high alpine lakes are a constant inquiry here at St. Pete's. Joe Wright, and Chambers have both opened up. Chambers is fishing well, Joe wright still has a bit of ice along the east side, and it seems that fishing has been a little slow due to the cold water temps. It only starts getting better from here on out. Keep in mind the water flowing into and out of Joe Wright is closed for another month or so for the Grayling spawn. The Delaney Buttes, Lake John, Honholz and the Laramie lakes are still fishing well. Slow stripping leeches and small buggers has been producing fish.  However, it's now time to focus on your chironomid indicator rigs as the hatch is on.  Don't forget to add a little bling to the rig in balanced leech or pine squirrel leech fashion.  We always use Memorial Day as our marker to start targeting shallow cruising fish with small terrestrial patterns, so...hint hint...

North Park and Red Feather:  Open

High Alpine: Ice

The Laramie Plains Lakes: Open




Warmwater Species

Bass: Slump Buster #4, Meat Whistle #2, BH Bugger #10, ThinMint #8-10, Seal Bugger #10, Hoover Mover #4, Creek Crawler #4, Hada's Near 'Nuff Crayfish #4, Clouser Minnow #4,  Micro-Poppers #8, Covert Mission #4, Pearly Popper #6, Neon Popper #6

Carp: Carp Crack #6, Hoover Mover #4, Swimming Nymph #6, Back Stabber #4, Dirty Monkey #4, Hare's Ear #14, Carpalicious #6

Coldwater Species

Trout: Leeches #10-12, Buggers #8-14, Rickards Seal Bugger #10- Wine/Black or Olive/Orange, Chirocones #14-18, Crystal Chironomids #10-14, Balanced Leech Black #10, Callibaetis #16

Pike: Barry's Pike Fly 2/0, Hare Grub #2, Roosta Fly 3/0, Flashtail Whistler 3/0

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