Latest Update: 11/13/2018.
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changing conditions.  Summer has gone by all to fast, but there is still some time to get to the high country before things start to close up.  Many of the high alpine lakes like Joe-Wright and Chambers lake have started to close up for the season.  Joe Wright reservoir is a constant inquiry here at the Shop. Joe Wright Creek is closed to fishing until August 1st so that the Grayling are able to spawn. Fishing the reservoir itself during the warmer months of the year can produce fish using small terrestrials and midge patterns. Try a Griffiths Gnat by itself or a #14 purple Hippe Stomper with a flashy nymph like a psycho prince or a small Prince nymph underneath. If there isn't any action on the surface try nymphing small thin mints, zebra midges, chironomids, or copper johns deep under an indicator. The Delaney Lakes are also fishing pretty well, but we have heard talk about edge ice starting to form. They will likely freeze over by the end of November.   If there is still some open water make sure you have chironomids, damsel fly nymphs, and leeches if you are headed up there. Drifting them around under and indicator or slow stripping them back to you with an intermediate sinking line should find some success.  Stop by the shop for any further questions and more detailed reports!





Warmwater Species

Bass: Slump Buster #4, Meat Whistle #2, BH Bugger #10, ThinMint #8-10, Seal Bugger #10, Hoover Mover #4, Creek Crawler #4, Hada's Near 'Nuff Crayfish #4, Clouser Minnow #4,  Micro-Poppers #8, Covert Mission #4, Pearly Popper #6, Neon Popper #6

Carp: Carp Crack #6, Hoover Mover #4, Swimming Nymph #6, Back Stabber #4, Dirty Monkey #4, Hare's Ear #14, Carpalicious #6

Coldwater Species


Trout: Leeches #10-12, Buggers #8-14, Rickards Seal Bugger #10,  or Olive/Orange, JuJu Chronomid blood #14-18, Crystal Chironomids #10-14, Balanced Leech Black #10, Callibaetis #16

Pike: Barry's Pike Fly 2/0, Hare Grub #2, Roosta Fly 3/0, Flashtail Whistler 3/0

As always, call or stop by for more information.

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