Latest Update: 10/21/2018
Current Streamflow @ Upper North Platte: 81 cfs
Flows on the Upper North Platte are down and the river is in good condition for walk wade fishing. This warm weather means great dry fly fishing this time of year but can also mean water temps climbing to above ethically fishable numbers. Make sure to have your thermometers with you and hang it up early if temps get above 67 degrees. The Trico's are out in swarms and will have most fish looking up, especially early on in the day. BWO's and Caddis will be hatching throughout the day and a dry dropper with a chubby chernobyl and a caddis nymph is a great searching rig for this time of year. Stop into either shop and chat more about bugs and conditions and get a thermometer if you do not already have one. Fish early, and leave early on the Upper North Platte.





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Recommended Flies


CDC Para Trico #22, Drowned Trico #20-22,Chubby Chernobyl #6-12, PMX #8-12, Yellow Chew Toy #10-12, Foam PMX #10-12, Extended Body BWO #16-18, EC Caddis #14-18, Elk Hair Caddis #14-18

Nymphs: Two Bit Stone #8-12, Six Six Stone Gold #8-10, Black RS2 #18-22, The Ticket #16, Plan C Caddis #14-16, Pocket Water BWO #16-18

Streamers: Mini Dungeons (Black is suggested), Goldie, Peanut Envy's, Trick or Treat, Rubber Bugger, Sparkle Minnow, Sculpzilla, Thin Mint, Platte River Spider.

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