Latest Update: 9/20/2017
We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow @ Upper North Platte: 83.5 cfs

Flows on the North Platte are low and the trico hatch is on!  These tiny mayflies seem to bring all of the fish up to the surface in the river. Fish will line up in the slower water and sip these bugs with reckless abandonment. Headhunting these fish with 5x-6x tippet and size 20-24 trico patterns is the way to pick these fish off. Stealth with accurate, delicate casts, are needed to fish this hatch.  This section has also been swarming with caddis, yellow sallies, PMD's, and especially Hoppers. Dry dropper rigs with a big foamy dry, and a caddis larva, or yellow sally nymph dropped 2ft underneath is an effective rig this time of year. Then swapping the nymph for a second dry fly if the hatch starts to pop. The water gets warm here in the middle parts of the day, get out from sun rise to noon and take a long lunch while the sun is high and hot if you want to find actively feeding fish.

This time of year, don't be afraid to throw some meat.  Make sure to cover lots of water, but fishing Dungeons in a variety of colors, sparkle minnows, and Peanut Envy's will all move fish on the right day.


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Recommended Flies


CDC Dun Trico #20-24, Pearl Butt Trico Spinner#20, Chubby Chernobyl #10-14,  Amy's Ants #10-8, Black Foam PMX #12-8, Cousin It #10-8,  EC Caddis #14-18, Elk Hair Caddis #14-18, Headlight Sally #14-18

Nymphs: Girdle Bugs #812, Prince Nymphs #10-8, DB Peacock Stones #10-6, Tung Trip Saver #12, Biot Epoxy Stone #12-8, Wired Stones #14-10, Tung 20 Inchers #12-10, Stone Bomb #14-10, Trina's Montana Prince #10, Sparkle Worms #10, Guides Choice Hare's Ear #12-10,

Streamers: Black Dungeons, Peanut Envy's, Trick or Treat, Rubber Bugger, Sparkle Minnow

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