Sage Day 2018 is fast approaching!  Every rod company has their own capabilities to bring to the table, and no other company out there has the variety that Sage does.  Whether you’re looking to drop dimes to tailing permit 60 feet out or presenting size 18 BWO’s to sipping Poudre trout, Sage has multiple rods designed to get the job done.  At St. Pete’s, we all love our Sage sticks and always celebrate in style!

Join us for our Sage customer appreciation day that is going down at both shops, all day, on Saturday, May 19th.   Enjoy specials on every Sage product, as well as Rio, Fishpond, Outcast and Smith!  Buy anything in the store and your name gets thrown into a raffle to win a Sage rod of your choice, as well as a few other great prizes.  We have lined up some Horse and Dragon beverages for a beer pour get together from 3 - 4 pm, so even if you don't need a new rod, come have a cold one and get your name into the raffle!

More detail to come, so check back and we'll see you soon!