Next Saturday, February 17th we are excited to have Tim Drummond come all the way down from Steamboat to do a free fly tying demo for us at St. Peter's South.  This will be Tim's first demo at St. Pete's and we cant wait to see what he's got in his bag of tricks.  If you don't know Tim, he has spent years at North Park Anglers dialing in lake patterns for the Delaney Buttes and other stillwaters in the valley, especially the Gold Medal Waters of North Delaney.  If you are into fishing the stills like many of us here at the shop are, this demo should be top priority for next Saturday.  Tim is an Umpqua Signature tier and many of his patterns have become some of the most reliable patterns we fish in all conditions on any lake with trout.  Give us a call at (970) 377-3785 to RSVP and make sure you're ready for that ice to crack!  We're counting down the days!