Bring your tying skills up a notch and learn some killer new patterns at this exclusive tying class hosted by St. Peter's and featuring Umpqua Pro and Signature Fly Designer, Bob Reece!

"Tying Exceptional Nymphs" with Bob Reece - Class is Full

"Improve your nymph tying skills and put more fish in your net! Partner up with Umpqua Signature tier Bob Reece, to explore new tying materials, innovative techniques and next generation nymph patterns that will help you connect with more fish.
This class will forever change the way you look at nymph patterns. As a professional fly designer and longtime guide, Bob will share valuable insight on often overlooked elements that make highly effective nymph patterns. Class participants will be introduced to game changing patterns that will help turn the tables on trout. Seize this opportunity to learn from Bob’s twenty five years of experience and elevate your nymph tying knowledge forever."

Bob has many seasons under his belt as a guide in North Park, Colorado, but lately he has spent most of his guide time on Wyoming's renowned Horse Creek Ranch.  Here is has time tested and perfected his unique style of fly patterns.  Bob is a regular contributor to Fly Fusion Magazine as well as writing fly tying articles for the Gink & Gasoline blog, bringing a fresh perspective to the world of trout fly tying.  This class will not only give you the skills and techniques for Bob's signature patterns, but will open the door into Bob's unique and particular style of fly designing, tying and fishing.

     Many of Bob's signature patterns have become increasingly popular on our local rivers and lakes,

and have become must-haves in our own fly boxes.

Bob's class will be held at the South shop from 10:00 AM - 1.00 PM on Saturday, January 19th.

Class is Full

Cost is $75 per person, materials included.  Bring your vise and tools and threads.

Please call 970-377-3785 with questions

Check out some of Bob's flies here:



*Class subject to cancellation if attendance requirements are not met*