Well folks it's starting to feel a lot like summertime, and we think hot days and cold rivers go together like Chubbys and Dry Shake. If you have been in the canyon at all you might have heard some clickin' in the trees: music to the ears of dry fly junkies everywhere. Aaron Alexander thinks they sound like Ryan Adams, but Jin Choi swears these mysterious black and orange insects click to Wu-Tang beats.

Regardless, we are all pretty excited to throw a few of Krueger's Flutter Nuggets or Elvira Cicada's  into the dry fly rotation! A black Foam PMX is also an extremely effective pattern during a Cicada hatch. The dry fly fishing gets better every day as flows are dropping, and due to better clarity and ambitious eaters, we have been cutting our droppers off more and more in the last week. Come by the shop and let us show you some of our favorite Cicada patterns, and get out there and listen to the music!