St Peter's Fly Shop 202 Remington St. Ft. Collins, Colorado 80524 Phone: 970-498-8968

Old Town Hours

Summer (Apr-Sept) Mon - Sat 9:00-6:00 Sunday closed
Winter (Oct-Mar) Mon - Sat 10:00-6:00 Sunday closed

St. Peter's Fly Shop South 2008 E Harmony Rd. Ft. Collins, Colorado 80528 Phone: 970-377-3785

Old Town Hours

Summer (Apr-Sept) Monday closed Tues - Sat 9:00-6:00 Sunday 10:00-4:00
Winter (Oct-Mar) Monday closed Tues - Sat 10:00-6:00 Sunday 10:00-4:00


If you don't have time to stop by, feel free to give us a call or send an email. Don't be alarmed if your email isn't answered within the hour...after all, fishing is a way of life around here.

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