Scientific Anglers Mastery Coldwater Redfish

For Redfish in Cooler Temperatures. Color: Aqua/Sand
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Scientific Anglers
Let’s get this out of the way: catching a tailing redfish might be the greatest thing in the world. Just make sure you have the right line for the job. Our Mastery Redfish Cold line is designed with a short head for quick shots, which is exactly what you’ll need when you’re poling through a marsh in 10 inches of water on a freakishly chilly fall evening. Short front taper and head for quick, powerful casts Half-size heavy for quick loading Increased running line diameter Looped at both the tip and the running line Softer saltwater coating for cool-weather fishing Braided multifilament core
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Product NameScientific Anglers Mastery Coldwater Redfish
BrandScientific Anglers
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