Upper North Platte River

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Only two words are needed to describe the stretches of the Upper North Platte River: peaceful and exquisite. Three unique wilderness areas and their crisp, untouched snow give birth to the North Platte River our guides and clients have come to love so much. The Upper North Platte River flows north from Colorado, into Wyoming along the Snowy Mountain range and through the Medicine Bow National Forest, meandering through central Wyoming  before turning east in Casper towards Nebraska. Access is fairly easy into Northgate Canyon, but it wouldn’t hurt having a map to keep you from trespassing on any of the ample private land which is plentiful downstream. In this steep canyon section, the river consists of rapids, large boulders, and narrow canyons. With scarce water after run-off, the real action is at the beginning and during run-off. This is the perfect time to take an Upper North Platte River guide trip.  During this timeframe, our guides have a field day in their rafts teaching clients to throw big flies for happy fish. Post-runoff keeps water levels low enough to pursue some excellent wade fishing with dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Due to such a remote location, you will be in awe when you look up to see elk, eagles, coyotes and much more wildlife along the stream. On your early summer Upper North Platte River guided trip, you will be navigating through clouds of salmon flies, green drakes and caddis as the hatches are really something you must be there for. 

Our Guides

Here at St. Peter's we strive to provide our clients with friendly, knowledgeable, well trained guides who's primary focus is you. There are plenty of shops out there willing to match you up with a warm body that's basically getting paid to learn the water and take you along. Not here... Our guides are experienced fly fishers with extensive knowledge of local streams, hatches, and techniques. While we've got our share of eccentrics on staff, you will not find attitudes, assumptions, or criticisms from our guides. If you do, we want to hear about it.

Guide Trips

All guide trips can be instructional...or we can just go out and help you catch fish. Part school, part fishing, our trips will build your fundamental fly fishing skills, expand your understanding of local entomology, work the kinks out of your presentation, or help you get rid of that annoying tailing loop. Let us know what we can do to maximize your enjoyment on stream and we'll do whatever we can to accommodate you.

What's Included

Our guide trips include everything you'll need for your day on stream. We are pleased to provide our clients with the fine rods from the Sage Manufacturing and Scott Fly Rod Company. Our reels and lines come from leading manufacturers in the industry such as Waterworks Lamson, Hatch Reels and Ross Reels, Scientific Anglers, Rio Products. Wading equipment can be provided upon request. Our full day float and wade trips include lunch and beverages on stream. Drinks and snacks are provided on half day trips. Do you have dietary restrictions or other special needs? Please let us know and we're happy to accommodate you.

What to Bring?

Bring any of your own equipment that you would like to use. We have waders, boots, rods and reels available for all our clients going on a guided fishing trip with us. Light Jacket / Rain Jacket  -  Polarized Sunglasses  -  Hat with brim  -  Sunscreen  -  Socks



Walk Wade Guide Trips

Cache La Poudre - Big Thompson - Rocky Mountain National Park - North Park

1 Angler----------$350   Half Day     $450  Full Day

2 Anglers----------$450  Half Day     $550  Full Day

3 Anglers----------$550  Half Day     $650  Full Day

Upper North Platte Canyon and North Park* Walk/Wade-----------Full Day Only

1 Angler----------$500

2 Anglers----------$600

*Additional rod fee for private water on North Park waters

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Float Trips

Grey Reef - Miracle Mile - Upper North Platte - Encampment - Cache La Poudre

Grey Reef (April-October)----------$600

Grey Reef (Nov-March)----------$500

Miracle Mile (April-October)----------$650

Miracle Mile (Nov-March)----------$550

Upper North Platte (Saratoga/Treasure Island area) & Encampment----------$700

Upper North Platte (Northgate area)----------$750

Cache La Poudre (Half Day)----------$500

-Float trip prices are for one boat with 2 anglers per boat.

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*A deposit is required for booking.  All deposits are refundable, minus the 5% cancellation fee, up to 30 days prior to your trip.  All cancellations within 30 days of trip are subject to forfeiture of deposit. Health and medical issues do not change the cancellation policy. If you have any concern about the need to cancel, we recommend you purchase trip insurance to cover costs.*