Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia

Nestled along the serene banks of the Pluma River within the lush Bolivian jungle, Tsimane’s Pluma Lodge stands as a premier destination for fly fishing enthusiasts seeking the remarkable Golden Dorado.

The Tsimane experience distinguishes itself not only by its picturesque setting but
also by its commitment to fostering a sustainable angling model. In partnership
with indigenous communities, Tsimane endeavors to safeguard this unique fishery
within its pristine surroundings. Crafted from sustainable wood harvested from
the adjacent jungle, Pluma Lodge offers a tranquil retreat with five double
rooms, each equipped with private bathrooms, tailored to accommodate up to
seven anglers with utmost comfort.

The Fishing

The thing that sets Pluma Lodge apart from the other Tsimane outfits is the diversity of fishing. Many anglers visit these waters to catch Golden Dorado, but there are other incredible species including, Pacu, and multiple giant catfish species. The waters are broken up into 4 beats all of which offer unique experiences.

Beat 1

The upper most beat consists of the confluence of the Irtirisama and Pluma rivers. To reach this beat you will start with a 45 min buggy ride. From there you will walk wade and use a boat to access productive stretches. You can access the head waters of each of these rivers by hiking. As you make your way further up these stretches, you’ll find increased gradient and excellent holding water for resident Dorado. Beat one has a ton of opportunity depending on the physical ability of anglers but you can still encounter feeding frenzies in the lower stretches that will blow your mind.

Beat 2

Typically for this beat you will start the day at the lodge and wade your way up river. 100% of this beat is on the Pluma River. Your day will consist of sight casting and watching for feeding frenzies along the flats. Fish will also be hanging in the riffles, structure and boulder gardens as you approach fast stretches of water. As you make your way upstream the boat will follow you with your gear, providing an easy transport back to the lodge.

Beat 3

Starting from the lodge down to the confluence of the Secure River this beat offers some really fantastic waters for Dorado. If the conditions are better on the Secure you also have the option to fish the bottom 2 miles above the confluence. The Pluma river in this stretch is famous for Dorado to school up and erupt sábalo along the bank. The lower half of the Pluma and the Secure have ideal run riffles with wood structure throughout. Pick pocket each whole and hold on as it won’t be long before the water will erupt. Beat 3 is accessed by a boat with a motor which allows you to work up and downstream as needed.

Beat 4

The lowest beat offered at Pluma Lodge consist of fishing the Secure below the confluence of the Pluma. Water has a tendency to be more off colored down low, but persistent casting and covering water pays off. This stretch is known for having the largest Golden Dorado as well as a good number of Pacu. Log jams and deep shelves make for ideal habitat for these golden monsters to live in. Beat 4 is accessed by a boat with a motor which allows you to work up and downstream as needed.

We recommend you fish all the beats as each of them provide a unique experience. Golden Dorado and Pacu can be found in all beats. Pacu are most frequently caught using the same method as Dorado. At the same time be sure to slow down and see if you can spot them in the deeper holes, creating the perfect sight casting opportunity.

Preparations and Packing

Preparing for a fly fishing trip to Bolivia is one of the most important aspects of the journey. Pluma Lodge, like all of Tsimanes lodges, are located deep in the jungle. Once you arrive at any of their lodges, it is critical that you bring everything you are going to need for the week as there is no place to resupply. That means all gear and personal items that you may need must be packed and brought with you. The assurance of proper preparation is the difference in a successful or unsuccessful visit to the jungle. Not to worry, if you read this write up, and follow our suggestions, we feel pretty certain you’ll be dialed for one of the best fly fishing experiences that you’ll never forget.

What's Included

  • 7 nights at Pluma Lodge, 6 full days of guided fishing
  • Lodging in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on transfer days
  • All meals, water, soft drinks, beer, and alcohol while at the lodge
  • Transportation to and from Santa Cruz Airport to the lodge
  • Flights from Santa Cruz to Oromomo and back
  • Fishing License and all taxes

What's Not Included

  • International flights to Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Accommodations outside the defined package above
  • Native Fees for passage on indigenous lands(see statement)
  • Gratuities for staff and guides
  • Personal Fishing Gear
  • Meals and beverages in Santa Cruz on transfer days.
  • Personal expenses

Upcoming Hosted Trips

August 16th-23rd, 2025 $7,600 + ($120 National Park Fees, $550 Native Fees = $8,270

For more information or to book your trip to Tsimane Lodge, please contact the shop (970)498-8968.

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