Cache La Poudre Fishing Report

Cache La Poudre Fishing Report

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Latest Update: 5/24/2024

Current Streamflow : 1100 cfs @ Canyon Mouth,  186 cfs  @ Town, 36 cfs @North Fork below Seaman Reservoir

The flows this time of the year are going to be variable day by day. Cool night and day temps will help clear up the river. A combination of warm days/nights and afternoon rains will bring increased flows and off colored water.

While the water is still relatively off color, the fish are feeding. Now is the time to break out your larger stoneflies, worms and flashy nymphs. These flies will produce during the higher water as fish have a harder time finding the smaller bugs.

Fish are on the edges and near the banks in the softer water. Here they can rest out of the main current and feed on anything passing by.

Nymphing will be very effective throughout the high water period. As the flows continue to increase every few days, be sure to have enough weight on your nymph rig to get your flies down in the faster current.

Gateway has been fishing well as the flows have remained over 50 cfs for a couple of weeks. BWO's will still work well even in the higher water but be prepared with some smaller stoneflies, annelids and caddis nymphs to get down in the holes where fish may settle. As the water warms during the day, fish should begin to look up and some fun dry fly action can still be had.

Recommended Poudre River Flies:

Dry Flies

  • Adams#12-16
  • PMX #10-14
  • Chubby Chernobyl #8-14
  • Peacock Caddis #14-16
  • E/C Caddis #14-16
  • Amy's Ant #10-14


  • Copper John #10-16
  • Restless Stone Peacock #8-12
  • BH 20incher #8-14
  • The Ticket #12-16
  • Rainbow Warrior #16-18
  • Sparkle Worms, San Juan Worms #10
  • Pheasant Tail #12-16
  • Prince Nymph #8-14
  • Stone Bomb #8-12


  • Thin Mint #8-12
  • She-Demon #6
  • Sparkle Minnow #8
  • Hot Head Leech #10
  • Ebony
  • Mini Peanut Envy
  • Slumpbusters
  • Baby Swim Coach

The 2023 season on the Cache La Poudre was an absolute blast!  If you have any questions about guide trips please contact us at 970-498-8968 or click here to book your trip now.