Stillwater Fishing Reports

Stillwater Fishing Reports

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Local Warmwater:

Latest Update: 5/28/2024

Local Ponds Report:

All of the lakes and ponds near town are beginning to heat up! Most of these ponds have bluegill, bass, and carp in them. The water has warmed and fish are happy and on the feed. Carp can be seen sitting in the sun warming up this time of year and are pre-spawn in most ponds still. When looking for bass, flies like the Clouser Minnow and Meat Whistle will get down to the depths that the fish will be at. Use slow, long, strips to entice some fish and if the slow strips don't work try some fast, short bursts to grab their attention. Be sure to check the regulations of the natural areas because some have certain restrictions, you can check here.Have fun out there!

Horsetooth Reservoir Report:

Fish in Horsetooth have started to move shallower and be more aggressive as the temperatures have warmed significantly the last few weeks. Smallmouth and sunfish are crusing shallow and the topwater bite should be right around the corner. Stripping clousers, jig buggers or thin mints has been the ticket lately.

Recommended Warmwater Flies:


  • Sparkle Minnow
  • Jawbreaker
  • Ritt's Fighting Craw
  • Meat Whistle
  • Balanced Baitfish
  • NearNuf Crayfish, Galloup's Nancy P, Thin Mint #6-10, Clouser


  • Barry's Pike Fly
  • Game Changer
  • GT Roosta
  • Sparkle Minnow
  • EP Minnows
  • Clouser Minnows
  • Deceivers


  • Headstand
  • Backstabber
  • Swimming Nymph
  • Mayer's Mini Leech
  • Dirty Monkey
  • Montana Prince Nymph

Stillwater Trout

All of the trout stillwaters are now completely open, besides some of the higher elevation lakes. Leeches have been producing really well on most of these lakes. Be on the lookout for chironomids this time of year. Chironomid patterns fished below a strike indicator is a great technique to try when the bugs are hatching. Make sure to move around and change the depth of your rigs to find success.

Plains Lakes Report
Now that the plains lakes have been open for a month or so, chironomids will start to hatch in numbers as water temps continue to rise. Leeches and small streamers have still been producing fish as well. Look for fish to be cruising around weed lines and drop offs.

The 2023 season on Horsetooth Reservoir was an absolute blast!  If you have any questions about guide trips please contact us at 970-498-8968 or click here to book your trip now.