Miracle Mile Fishing Report

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Latest Update: 4/22/2024

Current Streamflow : 1520 cfs@ Miracle Mile

The flows on the Miracle Mile have bumped for the spring and with that cold water, nymphing will be the best strategy. The rainbows have begun spawning so be sure to avoid fishing near any redds or slower riffle water. Giving these fish the best chance to successfuly spawn.

Keep your nymph rigs heavy to get down and stay down. A good drift with a leech, worm/annelid and a BWO nymph and/or emerger is an excellent option. Adjust your rig depth accordingly and make sure your contacting the bottom every now and again.

Streamer fishing is always a good choice at the Mile. Be sure to run a full sink line or a heavy sink tip to get down and work your streamer effectively.

Recommended Miracle Mile Flies

Dry Flies

  • Adams#18-24
  • Para Adams #18-24
  • Sprout Midge #18-22
  • Griffith Gnat #18-#20
  • Para Wulf Adams #18-22
  • Mole Fly #18-22
  • CDC Baetis Dun #18-20
  • Film Critic BWO #18-22
  • Ext. Body BWO #18-22


  • Sparkle Wing RS-2 #18-22
  • Juju Baetis #18-22
  • Olive Two-bit Hooker #18
  • Split Foam Back #18-#22
  • WD-40 #18-22
  • Mayhem Midge #18-20
  • Squirrel Leeches #10
  • Sparkle Worm #10
  • Annelid #14-18
  • Otter Egg #12-14
  • Flossy Worm, IED #10


  • Thin Mint #8-12
  • Dungeons
  • Rusty Trombones
  • Platte River Spider
  • Goldies
  • Peanut Envys
  • Thin-Mint #8-12
  • Sparkle Minnow #4-6
  • Rubber Bugger Yellow/Brown #4
  • Platte River Special
  • Ish's Snitch

The 2023 season on the Miracle Mile was an absolute blast!  If you have any questions about guide trips please contact us at 970-498-8968 or click here to book your trip now.