Nomad Mid-Length Net Review w/ Thomas Wurster

With so many nets out on the market, we thought we would concentrate on one of our favorites, the Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length Net.  This net is by far one of the most popular in the industry and for a good reason.  It has so many bells and whistles on it that separate it from all the competition. This is a net that a good portion of the shop staff use personally and has been tested both on and off the water.  We know you are going to love it.

The Nomad Mid-Length net is a fully graphite/carbon composite material that is extremely lightweight and strong.  It lasts the test of time and even if issues arise with the net bag itself, Fishpond sells replacements at a low cost.  Some of us here at the shop have had Nomad nets since day one and continue to use them on the water because of these features and confidence it gives us.

Some key details to highlight with this Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length net (Original Color) is the measuring tape section imprinted on the handle.  This allows you to net your fish, measure it, and get it back to the water as quickly as possible.  This turns fish stories into reality, and no one should question that “big fish” you caught when all alone if you have one of these nets by your side. With this feature and the handle of this Nomad Mid-Length net being so long, your reach is greatly extended when landing fish.  You never know what can happen in that last couple of seconds of the fight.  Best be confident with your approach and fish-scooping ability.

With the length of the Fishpond Nomad Mid-Length net being substantial, you are also able to use it as a wading staff when hiking to and from the river and on the water.  It is a genuinely nice feature to use in late spring and early summer when the flows are higher, and wading can be difficult.  Fishpond offers an add on product for these nets call the “Nomad End Cap” which fits on the butt of the net to help you gain traction and grip when using your net as a wading staff.  This is not something that everyone is looking for when buying a net, but when you have it out on the water it will make a huge difference.

Buoyancy is also something to consider when picking out a new net.  It can be frustrating to handle fish effectively when your net sinks to the bottom of the river.  Never worry when floating down a river on a boat or fishing stillwaters...The Fishpond Nomad nets will stick around and not vanish on you like those metal ones do.

If this size and style net does not suit you, Fishpond has a variety of other different net styles, shapes, and even colors to choose from.  Check out our website for more details and see what we have in stock.  Give the shop a call if you have any questions.