Riversmith River Quiver Product Review

The 2018 ICAST best in Show fly fishing accessory, the River Quiver by Riversmith is manufactured locally in Boulder, Colorado. The River Quiver is a vehicle rooftop mounted rod rack designed to hold 2 or 4 full-length fly rods. The benefit of this rack is the ease of transportation from location to location without having to break rods down, and the prevention accidental breakage during transport. The vault itself is constructed out of large aluminum pipes, lined with PVC pipe as a lining for extra structural integrity and reduced rod abrasion.

The reel box is designed to fit 2 or 4 large reels and includes a durable barrel locking system to secure your rods safely. Riversmith also stays away from a 1 & 3 lock system and has created a superior unique lock for every vault that is durable and safe.

In terms of mounting the rod vault, extension risers are available to gain additional clearance on certain vehicle crossbars. Riversmith also gives the availability to upgrade the vault mounting bolts to locking bolts with a unique wrench bit, which allows for extra safety and security from theft.  Riversmith has made it a point to eliminate some of the issues associated with other rod vault companies, and took features they may have struggled with, in order to improve and produce the top product on the market. The riverquiver is also now available in three colors: Silver, Black and Sage Green!