Scott Fly Rods Wave Review and Field Test

There are some waves being made on the western slope of Colorado right now, and they are spreading all around the world.  This week we are going to dive into...that's right...the NEW SCOTT WAVE FLY ROD.  Shop manager Thomas Wurster recently got a chance to bring them down to Copal Tree Lodge in Southern Belize, and we are so glad we did! They proved to be the perfect rod for chasing all types of fish in a variety of totally different conditions. From the backwater glassy lagoons, to the Steep and Deep Coral head flats of the open ocean.  This rod has the ability to make the lightest and most technical casts to schools of permit in shallow calm conditions, as well as long shots to big Permit in windy conditions.  Permit have a knack for making us question everything we do, but with the Scott Wave pared with an Abel SDS Reel, there was no question that if and when it happened, the right gear was in hand to seal the deal.

To start off with, we have seen a great deal of interest in the Scott Wave once word got out back in August 2022, and now we know exactly why. The amount of technology put into the rod mixed with the attainable price point was intriguing for any anglers traveling abroad or even making the most of the local waters with have here. Paired with a bombproof reel from Abel, there was no question we had what we needed in this trip.  We just needed to get our flies in front of some happy fish.

We are super fortunate at St. Peter's Fly Shop to have built such a strong relationship with Scott Fly Rods over the past couple decades in business.  We are long time supporters of the brand, and for all the right reasons.  They are simply some of the best tools around for getting the job done, year after year.

We feel extra grateful to be a part of the prototype process of the Scott Wave and to see Jim Bartchi's and his team hit this one out of the park. Earlier this year, we met up with our Western Sales Rep, old SPFS guide, and great friend of the shop Theo Anest. He told us about this new price point fly rod that Scott had in the works and how we could help give some insight to what we liked about the rod, as well as what could still need some adjustments.  So we set some time aside this spring to meet up with Theo to test the prototypes out on some local warmwater fisheries.  The fishing was slow which gave us the ability to focus on what mattered, the rod! Immediately, each and everyone of us had the same reaction when picking it up and giving it a go..."WOW, How much is it again?!" The rod we had in our hands was an 8wt, and for a good reason.  It is the perfect rod to cast and kept true to the most common model used for beginner, intermediate, and advanced anglers.  Essentially, the comparable model to a 5wt in the big game realm.  There were a ton of positive attributes that were flooding our minds, and only few points about what could be tinkered with and adjusted. The idea of a new price point rod coming out with the quality feel of a premium rod was something we were certain our customers, and all fly anglers alike, would want in their arsenals. From that point, to full production, it only got better when the Scott Wave showed up to the shop and we broke them out of the box to go cast the final product.  They really highlighted some of the main features we liked, such as the powerful and strong backbone that still has that finesse feel we see in premium models like the Scott Sector.

One thing to mention about Scott Fly Rods and what sets them apart from other major rod manufacturers, is their passion for creating the highest quality fly fishing rods around.  They are not here to rebrand old models, change up the color and name, and then push it as "the next greatest" model.  They take it far more seriously than that...only making changes when they see fit.  This was the case with their premium rod, the Scott Sector, and stays true to that idea in this most recent model, the Scott Wave. The fly fishing industry has gone through a ton of changes since the 2020 pandemic, and some say that some of those aspects of it will never be the same;  specifically in the case of price point rods.  Availability of products continue to be a struggle for small brick and mortar, but it is getting better.  Back when the industry was struggling with the challenges of a new world, and supply chains were broken, manufactures like Scott Fly Rods had to choose what they wanted to produce.  They had seen such a demand for premium level rods, that they had to shift productions in their factory to help mitigate some of the issues they were having. Hence why we saw rods like the Flex and Tidal, price point rods, fall off the walls at all the shops that carried them.  The Scott Wave has  changed that though, and now offers some of the great feel of a high performance rod, but in a more attainable price point.  So let's break down some of the reasons we like the new Scott Wave, no matter the fishing scenario at hand!



-Powerful Backbone without compromising the feel of the rod

Power is essential in the big game side of things, and having enough of it for the most challenging casts is not easy to come by.  But that is why we love the Wave.  You can truly feel the rod load when paired with the right line, but it is not so much that it collapses the rod.  There is a large "sweet spot" when casting this rod and especially at long distances.  Anglers who choose to fish with this rod don't have to pick one or the other when it comes to power vs feel.  It is all bundled up and twisted into one rod to do it all.

  • -Handles distance and accuracy

  •  When the last false cast and double haul is completed, we like to know the fly will be delivered on target.  There is something unique about this rod that gives you the confidence to cast longer and further but with consistent accuracy.  It is something we feel all Scott Fly rods have, and the Wave shines in this feature.  Even at long distances, being able to place flies where needed is paramount.  The Scott Wave does this with ease over and over again.

-Responsiveness to each anglers casting strokes in a variety of different conditions

 Backwater lagoons, coral head flats, and everything in-between.  Locations can require a lot of versatility in an anglers arsenal.  That is why it is  nice to have "do it all" rods that can conquer the good, bad, and ugly conditions.  Scott provides this feature in the Wave by using X-Core technology to increase the feeling of the rod on each and every haul.  Knowing you have a rod that can perform in a variety of different locations gives you that added confidence each day you spend on the water.

-Lightweight and Sturdy

.  Blind casting can be the difference of a grand slam or just a couple of nice fish put in the boat.  Making cast after cast can be tough on the arms, shoulders, and back. but having a powerful, lightweight rod, makes it so much easier to accomplish the sometimes mindless task at hand. Using their ARC Technology, Scott Fly rods adds strength to the blank, without adding weight. Revolutionary technology right in the palm of your hand.


Why You Should Ride The Wave

Now that we have gone over some of the features and benefits of the new Scott Wave fly rod, most reviews would try to sell you on the products and ensure this is the rod for you.  We have never been one to push a product that doesn't feel right on to customers or clients.  Instead, we hope that the info provided above gives you proper insight to this new rod, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a new set up for whatever adventure you have on the horizon, whether it be near or far.  We also welcome you to stop by the shop to check them out first-hand for yourself.  We are never opposed to taking some rods out in the field and casting them side by side so that you can decide for yourself.  We all know that just reading a small review does not allow you to make the best informed decision for yourselves.  If you are reading this and are not in our area, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.  We would be happy to chat with you about any and all of the products we carry here at St. Peter's Fly Shop.  At the end of the day, we are confident that if you choose to fish with these products, there is nothing stopping you from putting that fish you are chasing in the boat.  Thanks for reading and we look forward to getting you the right tools for the right job, no matter what.

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