Simms Flyweight Boot Review

With the growing popularity of fly fishing, putting in river miles to find unfished water is becoming more important than ever. Simms has recognized this and has developed the Flyweight boot with hiking being the main focus. There are few boots on the market that match the Flyweight’s lightness and durability which makes it one of our favorite products around the shop. I’ve had the opportunity to take these boots for a test drive and they’re definitely a step up from those hand-me-downs you got when you started fishing. Let me take you through some of the features that make the Flyweights such a fierce competitor in the wading boot market.

If you’re familiar with Simms’ lineup of boots, you’ll know that the premium models have rubber soles that are made by Vibram, who don’t mess around when it comes to grip. Their Idrogrip technology is specifically designed to provide the maximum amount of grip possible in wet environments, perfect for technical wading. The sole extends up on the sides of the boot at the key points of contact to the river bottom to provide multiple points of contact even on the rockiest of rivers. The soles on the Flyweights can also accept Simms' hardbite studs if you are looking for some extra bite when wading or hiking. The Flyweights’ premier feature, per their namesake, is the reduced weight. At only 40 ounces, they are some of the lightest boots on the market. They were able to achieve this lightweight structure by using a woven textile fabric upper reinforced with TPU coated film at points of high abrasion. Despite this, the heel and toe box still offer a high level of durability comparable to other, heavier boots in the Simms lineup. Simms also decided to build the Flyweight boot based off of a hiking boot midsole rather than a wading boot midsole. This unique design greatly increases support and comfort on your feet for those long hikes to the spot. Building on that, the carefully designed speed lace hooks offer a smooth channel for you to thread the laces through and achieve the perfect level of tightness around your ankle. If you're chasing summer fish in the high country, The Flyweights are also made in a shoe style with a low profile upper to fulfill all of your wet wading needs. The Flyweight line of boots are manufactured in the US which will allow a quick and easy shipping and repair process if needed. Speaking of repairs, Simms stand by every product they produce and will not tolerate manufacturer defects. If you feel there’s an issue with your boots, They’ll take them back no questions asked and make sure you are outfitted properly for your next trip.

I can easily say the Flyweights are my favorite wading boots on the market. And with prices ranging from $229.95-$279.95, they are a steal with the amount of quality they offer. Stop by either shop and try on a pair for yourself!