Simms Pro Nipper Product Review

We are excited to introduce the highly anticipated NEW Simms Pro Nipper, built from anodized aluminum.    With the Pro Nipper, Simms Fishing Products has combined several unique features that make it one of the most useful tools on the water.  One of the new features includes using opposing magnets on each inner wall of the nipper to create a "never-fail" magnetic spring to open the Simms Pro Nipper effortlessly.  On the outside, the Simms Pro Nipper uses this same magnet to create a fly threader that holds the fly in place with a groove to guide your tippet through the eye of the hook of some of the smallest flies with ease.  There is also a hook eye cleaner that is recessed for safety and conveniently placed at the top of the Simms Pro Nipper.  Lastly, there is a BB split shot crusher just below the hook eye cleaner to help attach shot without having to grab forceps.

By combining these features into the Simms Pro Nipper, it is easy to understand how it won “Best New Accessory” at our International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) Show.  Whether you are shopping for a gift or looking to upgrade, the Simms Pro Nipper will become a favorite item for many seasons to come.