Winston Air 2 Fly Rod Product Review

The new Winston Air 2 fly rod is the obvious choice for those of you that want the most versatility out of your trout gear.  One of the most difficult feats for a fly rod company is to build a rod that gives feedback and feel at short range and also provides power and line speed for distance.  The new Air 2 is perfectly designed to deliver both ends of the spectrum with the ability to do it all.  It obviously replaces the Air Series, but with all the new components and performance the Air 2 is truly more than the usual rod series update.

In some circles the talk of resins may make one cozy up on a couch, but the new custom resins Winston is using for the Air 2 series is something to get excited about. Remarkably, the new High Strain Rate resin is perfect for the ‘all-purpose’ rod category by amplifying the energy transfer allowing an angler to make tight loops and punch through the wind with incredible velocity as well as present smaller dries to rising fish at close range in calm water. This resin also allows Winston to use a little less material in their blanks to reduce overall weight while increasing strength and preserving the feel of the casting stroke in a wide range of fishing scenarios.

The Air 2 series also has a new high modulus graphite and boron configuration only found in these new rods.  These materials combined with the HRS resin have enhanced the rod recovery rate without making it feel like a wicked broom handle.  Having this kind of recovery rate while maintaining flexibility accommodates for different speeds of a casting stroke, which adds to the incredible versatility of the Winston Air 2 series.

 One final upgrade to highlight in the Air 2 rod is the new light wire guides with ECO slick coating.  Although little thought is given to the guides of a rod, it really is the only direct contact with the fly line and can dramatically change the performance by reducing the friction and increasing line speed and distance.  Many times, poor casting habits are born of line and guide friction that makes the caster try to overpower the casting stroke to compensate, which can cause tailing loops and other casting errors.   By decreasing the diameter of the guides and then making them ultra slick, the Winston Air 2 effortlessly shoots line to maximize the velocity and distance for all casting abilities.

Whether someone is looking for their first rod or trying to upgrade, the Winston Air 2 has the versatility and performance to excel in a variety of fishing situations and casting abilities.  Winston has set the bar for the all-purpose category of fly rods and will become one of the most important rods in the trout quiver.   Please call, write or stop by one of the shops if you have any questions or if you would like to cast one for yourself.  Breathing is believing.