St. Peter's Technical Tailwaters Class

Technical Tailwaters Class

A Tailwater is a river that is flows from, and is situated just below a reservoir. As the reservoir releases water throughout the year, the flows rise and fall creating a river. The fish that live in these rivers are infamously picky due to the highly regulated flows that create stable water temperatures, stable food sources, and happy fish. Technical Tailwaters is here to help anglers learn how to get these smart, picky fish, to eat incredibly small flies. We will cover fly selection, hatches, why these fish can be so tricky to catch and much more. This is a 2-hour classroom session, held typically at our South store. This is a great class for any novice to intermediate angler looking to find the keys to unlocking success on any tailwater in the Western states.

Upcoming Classes

-Classes will resume in Fall of 2024 ~ $50

-A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

-All cancellations and/or reschedules within 7 days of class are subject to loss of the 50% deposit.