Salmonfly Collection

Salmonfly Collection


    Chase our favorite "big bug" salmonfly hatch with this complete collection of flies, floatants, leaders and tippets. 

    Curated from our staff's years of experience, these are our go-to items to be prepared for our yearly salmonfly hatch.  From Colorado to Montana, fish with confidence!

    We recommend starting with a 7.5' leader in 2X or 1X, tie your salmonfly dry straight to the leader, use 2X fluorocarbon tippet to your dropper nymph, and be sure to treat your dry fly with Loon Aquel or Shimazaki Liquid, and keep the Shimazaki Dry Shake powder on hand to keep your dry fly dry, and afloat. 

    Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to give your dry fly and dropper some movement!