St. Peter's Trout Behavior Class

Trout fishing is an on-going puzzle that is always evolving, just as trout themselves are complex specimens that have learned to survive and adapt to ever-changing habitat and pressures. It is very easy to apply what others have told us to do on the water but knowing why we did it is another level of enlightenment. In Trout Behavior students learn exactly what fish are looking for, when they are looking for it and why they want what they are searching for. By diving deeper into what trout need to survive, we can learn how to better predict trout behavior to increase the chances of catching trout in an environment that they know so well. Covering everything from a fishes diet, metabolic rates, seasonal changes and much more to help you get inside the brain of a trout. This class is an investment in yourself and the information obtained will be something you will use for the rest of your fishing career.

Topics covered:

-Trout Survival: Food for sustainability and Shelter for refuge
-Reading Water: high vs. low water, summer vs. winter, clarity and weather, tailwater vs. freestone
-Water Temperatures; breaking down temperatures and fish activity
-River currents and substrate: how differences affect where trout hold
-Fish Anatomy: eyesight, lateral lines, and metabolism
-Trout Instincts: trout priority, attitude variables, season specific changes

Upcoming Classes

-Classes will resume in Fall of 2024 ~ $50

-A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

-All cancellations and/or reschedules within 7 days of class are subject to loss of the 50% deposit.