Recent Destination Travel Highlights

Cayo Romano, February 2024

This February our 3 groups of fisherman experienced all that the Cuban flats have to offer. From Permit, Bonefish, Tarpon and Barracuda, to encounters with Cubara Snapper, Cuba's pristine flats are a sight to behold and one every fly fisherman should experience.

Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia 2023

The Bolivian Jungle gave up her gold and other spectacular treasures on our most recent hosted journey to this spectacular lodge.

St. Peter's Destination Fly Fishing Trips

St. Peter’s Fly Shop guarantees that we will have the best price on the market. Our experienced travel team is set out to find the best price for the most renowned and hidden lodges out there. We can assure you a great experience with our hands on approach in preparation, travel, and assistance at the lodge. Included in the trip price is casting classes, tying classes teaching you patterns for your specific location, and personal fishing advice. During your trip one of our hosts will travel with you to make sure every aspect of your trip can run as smooth as possible. Join one of our wonderful hosted trips and see for yourself all that St. Peter’s Travel has to offer.

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